WooCommerce Marketplace Hosting, Gutenberg Release Date and Voice Search

WooCommerce Marketplace Hosting, Gutenberg Release Date and Voice Search
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In episode 8 of the Do the Woo Podcast, BobWP and Brad talk about:

  1. Liquid Web’s new pricing structure and marketplace hosting
  2. Gutenberg’s proposed release days before Black Friday and the holidays
  3. Voice search and whether it will take over organic search for eCommerce sites

Liquid Web Pricing Structure and Marketplace Hosting

We begin with the continuing release of some new WooCommerce-related products over on Liquid Web. They now offer a Marketplace Starter Plan for those who want to build an Etsy-like site around running a marketplace. Neither Brad nor I have seen a lot of this on WooCommerce, but this new offering could bring it into place as it utilizes the Dokan extension for WordPress, a complete multivendor eCommerce solution. This could open the gates for some sites via Woo. We dive into this deeper and touch on the new pricing structure at Liquid Web for their WooCommerce managed hosting.

WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg Release Tentatively Set for Nov. 19

The WordPress community is abuzz as the talk of Gutenberg intensifies for all of us in the trenches. The release, slated for Nov. 19th, will have a two-prong effect. For site owners in the US, it’s the update is e thinking about as you hear up for your busiest time of year. The other is the close proximity to Black Friday and how critical that day is to online sales numbers. Brad and I give some thoughts on this and why this is rubbing many people the wrong way.

Voice Search vs. Organic Search for eCommerce

Recently I had Rand Fishkin, a co-founder of SEOMoz, on my other podcast. In that show I asked him how voice search will affect organic search. His perspective was very interesting and he pointed out the voice search is not going to cannibalize organic search. Brad and I talk about this and how Rand’s thought make total sense. You can also listen to that podcast here.

Sites On Woo

We have added a new piece to our podcast where we each share a site that runs on WooCommerce.

Brad – Central Market

Brad’s agency had the pleasure of building this site, which is a massive project built with WooCommerce. Part of the popular H-E-B chain in Texas, it’s an upscale set of stores similar in quality to Whole Foods.


One of my first guests on my eCommerce podcast was founder of XeroShoes, Steven Sashan. I shared this site because I learned so much of the why he chose WooCommerce, and the challenges he had starting out. You can listen to that podcast here.

Woo Tools

Brad -13 Ways to Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Sales

Brad shared a great resource that he found on WPBeginner with some excellent tips on abandoned carts. It’s a huge piece of any online store, and if you haven’t wrapped your brain around it yet, we suggest you check out this post.

Bob – Autoptimize Plugin

I started using this plugin when I moved my site over to Liquid Web. If you have ever checked your site speed and gotten lost in the suggestions for improvement, I would suggest you check out this free plugin to add to your other optimization efforts.

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Our Tool Picks

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