WooCommerce 3.5, the New Woo, WooSesh and Tab UX on Product Pages

WooCommerce 3.5, the New Woo, WooSesh and Tab UX on Product Pages
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In episode 9 of the Do the Woo Podcast, Brad and BobWP give their thoughts on:

  • The release of WooCommerce 3.5
  • Post-WooSesh, a virtual online conference for WooCommerce store builders
  • The New Woo and the additional analytics coming to the dashboard
  • An article that observed 27% of online store customers do not use tabs

WooCommerce 3.5

The latest version of WooCommerce came out only an hour after we recorded this show. We had talked about it in an earlier episode, but are making a quick revisit. The new wording on emails sent out to customers is moving in the right direction. And in 2019, they are looking at even doing more. In addition, the new, various endpoints are something that devs have been looking forward to. You can read more about the release on the WooCommerce blog.

Post-WooSesh, a Virtual Conference

Brad was able to get some data from Brian Richards, the co-organizer of WooSesh. The conference was a virtual one for the first time and from the data he shared, coupled with the feedback we heard, it was a great success. For those who attended, videos will be coming out soon on Brian’s site and we will wait and see if there are opportunities for others to access them as well.

I was only able to listen to a couple of the sessions, because of my busy schedule. But I was impressed not only with the delivery of the session, but the active conversations going on in chat. I am guessing that we can expect to see this one again.

The New Woo

In the keynote of WooSesh, we were introduced to the New Woo. This includes a developing project and a new plugin called WC-Admin. It’s based on Gutenberg and a much improved way for store owners to get data and records. WPTavern has a helpful article on it, or you can go to GitHub and download it to test. Of course, it’s not ready for a live site, so it’s best to play around with on a demo site.

As far as the product pages and Gutenberg, there were some product blocks released earlier this year and more is coming down the road. The good news is that they are taking their time to figure out the best approach and for new blocks, they want to see blocks that do one or two things well, vs. blocks that will do everything. Brad and I agree that it’s a much better route to go when organizing product pages on WooCommerce.

Are Tabs User-friendly?

I ran across an interesting article, PDP UX: Core Product Content Is Overlooked in ‘Horizontal Tabs’ Layouts (Yet 28% of Sites Have This Layout). I thought it was worth talking about since WooCommerce has horizontal tabs as a default. A lot of interesting data in the post reflects on their own study. But Brad and I had our own thoughts on this and also felt these kind of articles are great for online store owners to reflect on, but they should continue to test their own sites and how customers use them.

Sites On Woo

All about what is running on Woo.

Brad – Ghost Beds

Even though this has nothing to do with ghosts, Brad had to give our show a touch of Halloween. But seriously, this is very cool site that has done some great stuff using WooCommerce. (And no, they do not use tabs.)

BobRipley’s Believe It Or Not

Yes, believe it or not, they do use Woo. The sales is primarily their books, but the site has a lot of other weird stuff. Be forewarned. If you check it out, you may end up spending a bit more time there besides just checking out their use of WooCommerce.

Woo Tools

Brad – Customizer for WooCommerce Plugin

This is a useful, free plugin on WordPress.org that lets you customize button text, labels and more. You will need to write some PHP, but it also has a settings page where you can test things.

Bob – WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options Plugin

With this free plugin, you can add additional sorting options for your store page. Using the customizer and simply toggling them off and on, you can add sorting for alpha ascending or descending, sales, review count and available stock. We have a short post on the plugin here on our site.

Posts and sites we referred to:

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PDP UX: Core Product Content Is Overlooked in ‘Horizontal Tabs’ Layouts – Yet 28% of Sites Have This Layout (Baymard Institute)

Woo-powered Sites Discovered

Ghost Beds

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Our Tool Picks

Customizer for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options Plugin