The New Search Block in WooCommerce 3.8

With the release of WooCommerce 3.8, a new search block has been added. This gives store owners easy access to strategically placing the product search bar in pages and posts.

Searching for Products on Your WooCommerce Store

This sounds pretty slick, especially for the non-coder– or as a better alternative than a short-code. At the same time, flexibility needs to be thought through in these circumstances.

The Search Product Block

As you can see, the addition of the search block gives us an opportunity to drop it in a page or a post. In this instance, I have written a post that shows a couple of the latest additions to our store.

After placing it in the second column, I have made it very convenient for customers to search for another microphone.

Think Through Your Strategies

With this added flexibility comes the need to think through what you consider a good idea.

For instance, I can look at the previous example in a couple of two things.

  1. I am giving the customer an easy way to find a product that may better fit their needs.
  2. I am distracting them from purchasing our newest mics by giving them the chance to head off in another direction.

As a result, when using new blocks in WooCommerce, you need to consider the implications of what may or may not happen, do some A/B testing if necessary, and then use it in a way that is best for you and your customer.

On the other hand, the search product block is perfect for your 404 page.

So as you upgrade and start using WooCommerce 3.8, consider the power you have at your fingertips and choose wisely how in you decide to use them.

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