How To Easily Create Bulk Discounts and Role-Based Pricing in WooCommerce

With the number of extensions available for WooCommerce, I’m always amazed when I come across another gem. And that is the case for the Dynamic Pricing extension.

Imagine This

You have a WooCommerce-run shop and you have a simple membership or rewards program. Wouldn’t it be great to give bulk discounts to those customers based on their role and control if needed, by minimum and maximum purchase in a certain category?

Or maybe you want to give your customers a 50% discount on all shirts when they purchase a sports jacket.

What about a buy one, get one free where you can control that as well by category?

These are just a few things that you can do with this extension. And I seriously mean just a few.

In their documentation on this plugin, they define 7 modes available for creating and applying rules for your store.

  1. Advanced Product Pricing – Bulk
  2. Advanced Product Pricing – Special Offer
  3. Advanced Category Pricing – Bulk
  4. Advanced Category Pricing – Special Offer
  5. Simple Category Pricing
  6. Simple Membership Pricing
  7. Order Total Based Pricing

If you want to dive into an explanation of each mode, you can find it, as well as other specifics,  if you click on documentation .

But before you head on over there, watch this video as I take you through the settings and give you user cases and examples along the way.

If you are ready to  give your customers some flexible and specific discounts throughout your shop, I would suggest you check out the Dynamic Pricing Extension for WooCommerce.

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