How to Recover Abandoned Cart Sales On Your WooCommerce Online Store

If you run any size of an online store, you have probably experienced the frustration of customer cart abandonment. For whatever the reason, It can happen for so many reasons, a good portion of these can be recovered. It’s just a matter of having the right tool.

Having the right supports in place makes all the difference. With that said, let me introduce you to Jilt.

How To Save Lost Sales and Increase Revenue with Jilt

With Jilt, you get email tracking, responsive design, unlimited access, awesome deliverability, personalized emails, multiple store support, and the ability to analyze emails— and you pay for only what you use. It works for shops that run on WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Shopify. For this post, I chose to use WooCommerce.

Opening Your Account and Connecting Your Store

They make this process seamless and pain-free. You’ll start by opening up an account on their site and getting into your Jilt dashboard. Here is where you will choose your platform.

step 1 for jilt

Since I chose to use WooCommerce, I am asked to install the plugin.

step 2 add plugin and secrect key for woocommerce

Once I have installed the plugin on my site, I can go to WooCommerce > settings >Integrations to add my secret key and adjust any settings I might want to.

step 2.1 add plugin and basic setup

When I return to my Jilt dashboard, my site is connected and I can start to create my first campaign. Interestingly enough, I was doing some other testing on this site and the two purchases I left have already been detected.

step 2.3 store connected create campaign

Creating Your Campaign

I am ready to create my first campaign. After I name it, I have two options for scheduling it. (This can also be used for follow-up emails after a purchase.)

step 2.4 creating a campaign

I click on the Create Campaign button and I can now set it up. By default these are already set up, but as you can add multiple emails to any one campaign, and for each email, you can choose whether to—and when— to send it. This is a great opportunity to do some testing, especially as you start using Jilt.

step 3 add a campaign

If I click on name of the email by the little envelope icon, I can edit each email. You can see, you have quite a few email customizations at your fingertips. All the email components in the message creation area are added by simply dragging and dropping them.

step 3 edit email

On the message itself, you can click on any block, move it by dragging and dropping, and edit it. In the first example, the title, I can change the text, tag and background color.

edit email title

On the next block of text,  I have the option for formatting and editing the text as well as changing the number of columns.

edit email text block

And some options for the button as well:

edit email button

Once everything is set, you are ready to go live with your campaign.

Your Jilt Settings

In the basic settings, you can Enable Test Mode:


Email Domains

You can be assured that you are using your own domains by adding the information here.

add an email domain


And here, you have a few branding options.



Here you can see all your campaigns, edit them and pause or resume the campaign. Also, for each campaign you can see how many emails you have by the icons underneath the name of your campaign.

list of campaigns


A great way to give your customer an incentive for returning to their abandoned cart is to offer a discount on the product or another product. You can set up various discounts here and if you look at the screenshot above, you can add the block for discounts to your email.


Outbound Emails

You can see at any time what is scheduled. For example, I went in and added something to my cart and then left it. Now three emails are scheduled for that abandoned cart.

outbound emails right after cart abandonment

If we go back, we see that one of them has been sent out.

outbound emails right after cart abandonment

You can view each—scheduled and emailed— separately.


You also can view all orders that have been abandoned, recovered, placed or completed.

orders listed and status


And a list of all customers as well:

Your Dashboard Analtyics

If I had this on an active site, you would see numbers here. But this gives you a good idea of what you are able to see and shows that you can test different campaigns to see what works for you and your customers.


That Email

Were you wondering if I got that email when I abandoned the cart? Well, yes, it came through in all its glory:


As you can see, this is a slick way to start bumping up your revenue. And it works. I spoke to a few online shop owners who use Jilt, and they have had amazing results. In fact, from the podcast I did with Henrik Saetre, from Mamahuhu, this was a direct quote from him:

We found Jilt, and it worked really well. They  gave us some advice on how to set it up, and over the last six months, we’ve had a recovery rate of 41% of abandoned carts, which is crazy. Anyone who does e-commerce, they know that if you can secure that amount of abandoned carts, that’s a huge part of your monthly sales, you know?

I can show you all the mechanics behind it, but you are not going to start seeing results until you dive in yourself. So go and see what Jilt can do for your online store’s bottom line.

Get Jilt with WooCommerce Hosting

If you are looking for a host for your new WooCommerce online store, or needing something that will fit your needs better than your existing host, I would recommend that you check out Liquid Web WooCommerce hosting which in all the plans, includes Jilt.