Edit WooCommerce Products Using WP Sheet Editor Plugin

If you are looking for an option to easily create and edit both your WordPress posts and WooCommerce products, the WP Sheet Editor plugin allows you to do it through a spreadsheet in your dashboard. You can create and edit hundreds of posts or products at once using formulas. For example, you could increase all prices by 10%, replace words, or set the same categories to 100 posts. There are also filters that will show in the spreadsheet specific categories, post status date range and author.

It works any custom post type and is advanced custom field-compatible, so you can edit custom fields in the spreadsheet and add custom columns.

You can also copy information between posts. For example, if you want to use the same categories in 10 posts,  you just copy the value in the spreadsheet.

As mentioned above, WooCommerce products, including product images, short descriptions, gallery, visibility, attributes, categories, tags, prices and stock,  are easily edited. It works with all product types (with the exception of variable products). This could be a huge timesaver if you have a lot of products.

You will also be able to edit Yoast SEO information in the spreadsheet, the SEO title, description, keyword, noindex, while still being able to easily view the SEO score. This comes in handy if you want to go back and revamp some of your SEO without having to open post after post.

And if you use Visual Composer, no problem. You have the option to open the live or background editor directly from the spreadsheet.

The plugin supports unlimited number of posts. You will be able to auto-fill cells by dragging down an individual cell from the bottom corner, something you may be used to doing in Excel. It also allows you to enable or disable the cell formatting and gives you the option of loading more mosts when you reach the end of the page.

Lastly, have you ever wanted to edit that featured image without having to open every single post? You are able to do that in your spreadsheet as well.

As far as the spreadsheet itself, you can hide and rename columns to make your workspace best suited for your own needs.

And if you are a user of Excel, this plugin will come to be second-nature to you. It’s easy to navigate through the spreadsheet with your keyboard, just like you do when you are using Excel.

So if you are looking for a way to easily edit your posts or WooCommerce products in bulk, and save yourself a bunch of time, check out the WP Sheet Editor Plugin. They have a live demo, too,  so you can see it in action.