Four Settings New Store Owners May Miss in WooCommerce

In WordPress, in themes, in plugins, there are often useful settings buried in places that are not so easy to find for the user. That can be frustrating, especially for the beginner. A good example of this in WordPress is the ability to change your homepage from the blog archives to a static page. It’s in the Readings Settings, but it’s not that obvious.

The same goes for WooCommerce. If you are a seasoned WooCommerce user, and have dug into the settings, you may already know all of these hidden gems. But then again, maybe not.

Ordering Grouped Products

If you have several items grouped, there is a way to put them in a preferred order rather than the default order when the product page was published. When creating the simple products for a group, just go to the Advance Tab and put in the appropriate number.

menu order in WooCommerce

Turning Off Reviews on Specific Products

In WooCommerce you can enable or disable reviews globally on all products in your WooCommerce > Products > General Settings.

enable reviews globally in WooCommerce

But maybe you want to enable all but still be able to turn them off on specific products. You can do that in your Product > Advanced Settings.

enable reviews in WooCommerce

Catalog Visibility

There are times you might not want a product to show up on your shop page. Or maybe you don’t want it to appear in the search. Although it’s labeled quite well, I still find users who don’t see it in the Publish box. You will note that when you toggle this, you will also see the option to make it a Featured Product.

catalog visibility

Speaking of Toggling the Featured Product

As mentioned previously, you can toggle a product as a Featured Product under Catalog visibility. But you can also turn it off and on by clicking on the star on your product page.  As you can see here, the filled in star shows the product as featured. If I roll over it, it says yes. To turn it off as a featured product, all I have to do is click on it.  And, of course, vice versa.

featured image in WooCommece toggled star icon

This only touches the tip of the iceberg as far as settings in WooCommerce, but hopefully these tips will help you as you dive in a little deeper. That’s it for today.

Bonus Tip

If you ever need to find your product ID easily, here’s how you do that.