Foo Events for WooCommerce Took on the Challenges of 2020

When you have a plugin that is built for WooCommerce and primarily sells and manages events, well, the spin on in-person events that took place in 2020 can be quite impactful to your bottom line. In a podcast where we chatted with Colin from Foo Events, we learned a lot about being flexible.

Foo Events Taking on 2020

Well, I think for us, it was interesting because within a space of two months we had our best sales month and our worst sales month, in our history. So, that was something I never thought that I would see happening.

But yeah, literally, in February, we hit our first kind of record. We’ve had a series of record months for Foo Events this year and got all excited. And then, by April, we had some sleepless nights and yes, one hundred percent right, Mendel. Both our products rely on in-person types of activities.

And, that’s something that we’ve really had to adapt to. And, with Foo Events especially. we’re very agile as a company. And once we saw what was happening in terms of lockdowns happening around the world, and we could see ourselves starting to drop, we made a very quick call that we needed to move into virtual events.

The Zoom integration

So, within a space of about two to three weeks, we managed to fold in Zoom integration to Foo Events. And that was, that was a really big move for us because it required, , we had never really considered that. It wasn’t even on our roadmap up until that point. It hadn’t really even been requested that people would want to sell tickets on their own website for virtual events.

So that was, I would say one of the biggest moves we made in the early part of this year and it’s worked incredibly well for us. And one of the trends now that we’ve seen on that front is that obviously virtual events are all the thing, and will probably be around for a long time. But, we also see in people, changing their business models. Events, organizers, conferences, actually changing their business models now where they will, in the future, be able to sell tickets off their physical events.

Instead of just capping an event, there’ll be able to sell tickets for, , virtual stream at the same time. Which I think that’s one thing this pandemic has taught us is the borders have definitely been dropped. So if we’ll allow anyone to attend events, that aren’t allowed to go… That can’t make it in person.

Harden your business for future issues around in-person events

I always think that’s interesting, how adversity sometimes strengthens business models, right? In your case, it seems like it’s, it’s created some resilience, right? That you’ve actually created a new opportunity for yourself in business. And you’ve also figured out how to harden your business against future issues that might impact in-person events.

I think another example of that is with our new booking extension that we launched. We are in the process of also integrating that with Zoom and that will then allow anyone from consultants to tele-medicine, to yoga studios, pilates studios, that type of thing, to be able to sell bookings for virtual events or virtual one-on-one in-person sessions.

So yeah, hundred percent. For us, it’s also been very encouraging to see how these types of businesses have adapted, because it’s one thing for us to adapt, but an event organizer that maybe organizes four in-person events a year… When something like this pandemic hit them and they didn’t have any contingency plans, you think, well you’re dead. You’re dead in the water.

But, we’ve really seen the true resilience, especially, of small businesses globally. Because we have got our customers all over the world and has been so encouraging to see how they’ve adapted their business models.

Firstly, by starting with say a virtual… Running virtual events instead of fully canceling their physical event. But now to see them planning running different streams of virtual and physical events into the future. So yeah it’s amazing how resilient, as human beings, we really are.

Listen to the full podcast here