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How to Give a Free Gift Coupon in WooCommerce


Sometimes it’s nice to give your customers a coupon that gives them a free gift rather than a discount at your WooCommerce store.

You can give someone a 100% discount on a product using the WooCommerce default coupon settings. It’s pretty straightforward.

If I wanted to give my eBook free to someone, I could go into my general settings under coupons. I would simply set it to a 100% discount.

Next I would choose the product.

I could also set limited use and an expiration date, but for the example, I am keeping it simple.

Once saved and shared with a customer, when they use the coupon code on the product, in their cart they see that it has been removed and their balance is zero.

The WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons Extension

Let’s be honest. There is something to the word free. It just means more to the customer visually.

This handy extension does one thing and makes it much more apparent that your customer is getting something free.

When you create a coupon, you now have the option for a Free Gift. As with other coupons, you can add an expiration date. You can also give free shipping.

And once you have added the product, you can choose how many to give away free. (Maybe you want to up your generosity and give them two: one for themselves, and one for a friend.)

Tthe interesting thing here is that once the coupon code is applied, it automatically adds the two free books. But the book I added to my cart is still in there showing the value. And guess what? I like seeing that word free.

Now this might seem confusing, but it allows someone to order just the free gift, which isn’t always the case with other plugins.

But if you want to add it as a free gift with purchase, you can send the customer the coupon, have them add it after they have already added other stuff to their cart, then it automatically adds the free gift.

In either case, it’s a great way of giving a free gift. You can check out the WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons extension here.

WooCommerce Coupons and How to Extend Them

Want to do more with your coupons? Here is our post that shows you the built-in features as well as other suggested posts on our site to add even more functionality and control over your WooCommerce coupons.

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