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How to Generate Higher Revenues for Your WooCommerce Store with Inbound Marketing with Mario Peshev

I’m sure you have heard of the importance of inbound marketing. Whether you run a blog, business site or online store, there are benefits to using the strategies behind the concept.

For your online shop, inbound marketing can be a great way to increase your revenues.

To talk about the broader strategies, I asked my friend Mario Peshev to join us. His walks the talk and is also certified through Hubspot. I can safely say he really knows what he is talking about.

We looked at the expanse of inbound marketing when it comes to eCommerce sites. I started by asking him what he felt was the critical first step in planning your store’s inbound marketing.

Mario shared his top tips on how store owners can turn their traffic into sales.

I also wanted him to share some insights on what to think about when you have your inbound marketing campaigns up and running. Other than paying attention to those conversions, what should you also pay close attention to?

We ended with Mario sharing a few other thoughts around a subject that we had not touched on.

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