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Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

Note: here is a link to a more recent post/tutorial on this plugin.

If you are using Genesis and a StudioPress child theme, there is a chance that your theme uses the free Genesis Responsive Slide Plugin as an option. This plugin allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post. In this video I walk you through the options and features that will allow you to change content, images and even the size of the slider — customization without knowing code.

<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=54168946" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

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22 comments on “Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

  1. Hi, Bob, I have a WordPress.com blog. I dislike the way they changed my theme Twenty Ten and their lack of customer service. Now that I want to launch my first Website (selling e-books, photo gift books and giving away dog adoption tips booklets) I need help.

    I have a domain name, my name ready and waiting, and I have only one month to build my site. Can I build my landing pages, convert pages from my blog as samples of my writing then migrate my blog without paying WP .com for another year?

    Will they link from my old site to my new Website without me paying .com anymore $$?

    1. Hey Deborah, sorry this got dropped in moderation.

      Yes, you could… there is a method to the madness. You will have to rebuild the pages if you go self-hosted, but you can export/import your content to your new site from dot com. If you mean by linking your old site by redirecting people there, you would need to pay dot com a redirect fee, which isnt’ too high for the yearly fee. If you need some help with this, shoot me something through my contact form and we can talk.

  2. There’s better sliders around in my opinion Bob.

    Genesis sliders are made to easily display in a widget area but not other area’s.

    I’d look at Easing slider which is far more flexible and popular.

    You can insert it anywhere in your theme using a shortcode or line of php in your files.

    The developer of Genesis slider still has a fair bit of work to do.

    1. Hey Brad, yes, there are other good sliders out there, and thanks for sharing that one… I will have to check it out.

      Remember, this is a slider specific to Genesis, so it is built just for that. Sounds like the other one is much more flexible, and if someone needs those features, then that should be their choice. And since the dev created it specifically with the needs of the child themes at StudioPress I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he did a good job : )

      Also, this one comes as a widget that can be dropped easily into a widget area, which for some users is much easier. I know popping in a shortcode isn’t rocket science, but putting a line of php in your files, for many end users that can be intimidating.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. The problem i have with this slider is how do you include it in the theme files? Does it offer a shortcode or line of php code?

    Its only made for wq diget area. What if you want it in the header or content area of a post or page?

    I would like to use Genesis with Genesis.

    1. Actually I don’t think it has that option. My readers are pretty much users and I typically find them the easiest route to go. Most don’t have any desire to embed anything into the theme files. So yes, for that need, the other plugin would be a better route to do.

      And I do agree, use the Simple Sidebars for Genesis. And that’s what I recommend to my clients.

  4. Hey Bob,
    I’m trying to use the Genesis Responsive Slider.

    When I upload a “Featured Image” under my posts it goes to the Slider but shows up extremely large on the actual post.

    Any troubleshooting tips you can give me.

  5. Hi Bob, thanks for providing this resource!
    My question is this: I have produced several landing pages using Premise; can I have these rotate through the Genesis Slider, just as I would a post or any other page? So far, the only thing I have come up with is to link to the LP in a regular post, and have that post rotate in the Slider – suboptimal1
    Thanks, Russ

    1. I’m not sure on that as I haven’t tried. If you check your slider settings, see if in the first setting, “Type of Content” is landing pages is included. If so, that might do it. Then you would need to control which landing pages to include by landing page ID. Now the format, not sure how that will play out… something you might have to tweak. If I get a chance, I might have to test this out myself.

  6. Wow, Bob, quick response – thanks!
    Yes, there is a drop-down menu on Slider settings to tell Genesis Slider what format of content you want displayed. And yes, landing page is an option. Unfortunately, you cannot mix and match, only select one of the options. Right now, most of my content is regular posts, so that is what I display in the slider. Too bad. Another feature to request :)
    Thanks so much, Russ

    1. I can see that would be an issue… the only slider I know that let’s you mix media really well is SlideDeck 2. But it’s a premium plugin and not sure who well it would work with Premise…

    1. I’m not what you might call fluent in CSS, and don’t consider myself a dev, but dabble enough to be dangerous in my own sites.

      Are you asking about the slider in particular? If that’s the case, I believe the slider inherits and uses the theme CSS… just a first hand guess….

  7. Hi,
    I’ve developed a Genesis child theme with a widget area on the home page that’s large enough for a slider. When I try dropping in the responsive slider into that area it isn’t styled that nicely. I’d like to style the css for it, but I’m not sure which css classes it uses. Would you happen to know of any tutorials or knowledgebas for that?

    1. Hi Janice, yeah, if the theme is set up to use the slider, basically you can find it in the css. Now if you are adding it to the widget area, then I’m assuming you do need to fiddle with the code and unfortunately, that’s not my cup of tea.

      I did run across someone who did a tutorial on adding it the Prose theme, so not sure if you could take this info and work with it…but thought I would share…

  8. Hi, I just found this. Would you happen to know how to move the title of the post in the slider. I just want to have the title in the slider, but it is only appearing in the middle. I just started my blog, so I only have one post, but would like it figure it out. Thanks.

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