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Improving Customer Search Results on Your WooCommerce Online Store


Lot of people appear content with using the WooCommerce search widget. It finds only products, but there is where it stops. When it comes to your online store, you need to make sure that your search is looking at those taxonomies. But even more so, those product details.

What about taking it further? What if you could control it to also search products reviews or product order history? This and a lot more comes into play when you use the SearchWP plugin.

The SearchWP Plugin and WooCommerce

By looking at the settings you have, once you activate the WooCommerce integration that comes with an active license of the plugin, you can see what you are able to do with it as far as adding weight to specific attributes and taxonomies.

It even goes deeper, adding colors and sizes for variable products.

And of course, you can exclude any products by adding their ID’s as will as excluding or limiting by taxonomies as well.

Custom Fields

But it doesn’t end there, as you can see here, there are several custom fields you can add to be included in your search.

There’s quite the number of them here, but they also include a few extensions and plugins that I have installed for WooCommerce as well.

Searching WooCommerce Order History

When you are in your admin/dashboard of your online store, looking through orders can be a real hassle with the built-in search orders. Again, the fact that you cannot fine-tune them with weight makes it sometimes an impossible task.

With a bit of dropping in some code and, of course, testing to make sure order searches are not showing up in your public search, they have the documentation on their site to help you with this. Once you have done it, the search on your order page will now include things like order status, address, etc, depending on what you choose to add.

Searching SKU’s

As shown previously, SKU’s can be added as a custom field.

You are also able to add SKU’s for product variations with a bit of added code as well.

The SearchWP plugin will obviously give you total control over your entire site including your posts, pages and other custom post types.

The obvious point here by sharing this aspect of the plugin with you is making sure your customers can search for the products you want them to find is critical to the success of your online store. So if you are not happy with things as they stand now, I suggest you check out the SearchWP plugin. In fact, I’m sure you will find better results for your entire online store by using it.

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