How to Get Started with Shipping with Your WooCommerce Store

How to Get Started with Shipping with Your WooCommerce Store
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In today’s podcast, we are venturing into what many find to be the second most complex part of running an WooCommerce online store with physical products, and that is shipping. As with taxes, it’s a maze of variables and choices that can often bog you down.

And this isn’t about a bunch of technical settings in your WooCommerce dashboard. It’s about the bigger picture.

And to help you to get a better grip on planning our shipping, we invited Robert Gilbreath, VP of Marketing & Partnerships at ShipStation. Robert provides some great guidelines that not only help you get started but also to get you thinking on preparation for scaling as your product inventory grows.

We chatted about:

  • The first two important steps to make once you know the product that you need to ship
  • How to navigate the maze of shipping options
  • Some of the major challenges store owners face when working through the shipping process
  • What products can be a challenge to ship
  • Robert’s four points to consider when planning your shipping
  • When shipping is no longer a DIY part of your business

Check out this post if you are looking to extend your shipping in your WooCommerce store.