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How to Get WooCommerce External Product Links to Open in a New Tab

It’s an age-old argument. Should a page open in a new tab in your browser or not?

I’m not here to argue. I’m going to leave that decision to the WooCommerce store owner. But  if someone is on your store and they click on an external link, this might be the option you prefer.

Let’s step back a moment. What are external links in WooCommerce? Well, they are a product type. You can choose to add products that might be affiliate links or products via a site like Amazon.

affiliate external link WooCommerce

This is another way of monetizing your site.

By default, when someone clicks on a product that is created using this product data, it opens in the same window.

But what if you want all WooCommerce external links to automatically open in a new window?

The WooCommerce External Product New Tab is a free plugin that will do that easily.

And when I say easy, I mean easy. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin. And it will do its magic.

How to Open Only Specific External Products

But what if you want this to work only on specific external products and not on every single external product you have set up?

Well, there is a free plugin for that called WooCommerce Improved External Products. And if you need even more control, they have a premium version with the option to not only open external products in new tabs, but also for those product archives, as well as setting it based on a category. So it will just cost you a few bucks to get more control over your links.

This is one of those issues that people usually have strong opinions, on one side or the other. Myself, when I’m browsing, I prefer a new tab rather than clicking that back arrow one, two or several times. But that’s just me. I’m not here to make an argument about opening new tabs, but simply to give you a couple of possible solutions.