Getting Started in eCommerce, A Special WooCommerce Live Global Event

If you have this amazing idea for starting an eCommerce business, and it’s the perfect time for you, here is a great way to get a jump start on it. Especially if you are having the challenge of taking that big step.

WooCommerce Live Global

This weekly show is designed to help store owners succeed. Each 30 minute episode includes highlights from the WooCommerce Community and helpful resources from around the web. This is followed by a specific topic for the week and time to answer questions at the end.

A Special Event: Getting Started in eCommerce

This event is hosted by WooCommerce and will be December 16th, 2020, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM GMT+2.

An extension of WooCommerce Global Live, this first meetup is a perfect solution for those who are at the cusp of wanting to start an eCommerce business. You have an idea, you just need some help moving forward.

In this special event those you will be taught how to get started and go from your idea to your first customer. It’s aimed at the beginner and is light on the technical side.

At this event your will learn:

  • Choosing an audience
  • Finding a problem to solve
  • Selling your product before you make it
  • Creating the product
  • Choosing an operating system
  • Delivering the product to your customer
  • Creating happy customers

In the first hour attendees will learn about these seven steps follow by a live Q&A. Those interested can RSVP here on the Meetup page.