Google Analytics and eCommerce

Note: this interview is from an online event I was part of.

Edward is the founder of where he helps retailers understand online conversions. They have provided consulting and support to retailers of all all sizes and developed a Shopify app to simplify Google Analytics. Coming from a background as a product manager, he understands the importance of conversion and the role it plays in eCommerce sites.

Patrick asked Edward:

  1. How does one start building their Google Analytics dashboard?
  2. What methods can I use to track how many downloaded demos were converted to sales?
  3. What is the Google tag manager?
  4. With PPC’s, how do I track when someone clicks on an ad on their mobile device, but buys it later on their PC?
  5. Are there limitations to tagging users with UTM tags?
  6. Why does Google Analytics show a site download speed much different than the store owner is experiencing?
  7. Can you do anything about the spam in Google Analytics?
  8. What can a site owner do when a user disables JavaScript?
  9. How do I track profit in Google Analytics?
  10. Is there a tool in Google Analytics that will let you know what type of blogs posts are working best?

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