New Page Builds Service for Agencies Makes a Lot of Sense

New Page Builds Service for Agencies Makes a Lot of Sense
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When new services for WordPress businesses come out, I find myself often wondering, is there room in the market for one more. But when an established business adds a service that brings something unique to the equation, that catches my eye.

GoWP Page Builds for WooCommerce

GoWP is known in the space for offering maintenance services for your WordPress site. They added content edits a while back and, just recently, page builds.

When GoWP released this new service, it intrigued me, so I reached out to Brad Morrison, founder and Chief Happiness Engineer at GoWP, and asked him what it can bring to a WooCommerce agency.

We have found that if you want to grow your agency, you should be spending your time on the low-touch, high-value work that makes an impact on your bottom line — not the high-touch, low-value work like building out page designs.

Brad Morrison

It makes sense to me as it touches on a vital piece of all those working parts and gives particular attention to a part of the store that needs to be evolving and changing all the time, and not necessarily fitting into your agency’s timeline or goals.

This iteration of their services has a natural fit in an agency’s workflow and profits. Given that they bundle this to work with unlimited page builds with an added layer of a dedicated developer, the bring a resource that will fit the needs of agencies looking to offload some of the busy, low-end work.

You can learn more about their service here.

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