How to Offer a Choice of Grid or List View on Your WooCommerce Shop Page

Once again I have found a plugin that does one thing.

A plugin with no settings. Simply install it and it works.

Offering Your Customers a Grid or List View of Your WooCommerce Shop Page

Have you ever been on a product page and found the option for either a grid or list view? When I found the free WooCommerce Grid / List Toggle plugin, I paused wondering why you would use something like this. So I decided to do a bit of research. The one standard comment I saw over and over again.

  • Grid is more visual.
  • List is more content heavy.

This convinced me that there is a place for both. Obviously, if the visual aspect is what really sells your product, well, grid is the way to go. But if it’s more important to have added information on the shop page, then the list is your choice. Now there are obviously disadvantages to what I have shared, so you would need to test it and use accordingly.

For example, as you can see here, this is the default grid display of three microphones. Very little information here and now the added ability to choose a list view.

grid view

But for the very reason I suggested, you might want to have your short description displayed here using a list. If we toggle that view, now we get this.

list view

This option will also be displayed on your category pages as well.

Now how this displays will of course vary from theme to theme. I used it on Storefront and it worked very well. And if you are looking at even more control over customizations on the Storefront theme, you may want to check out this post.

There are no options to this plugin, so as I said before, it simply does one thing and it does it well. You can get the WooCommerce Grid / List Toggle plugin for free over on