Guest Posts on BobWP

If you have reached this page, guest posts are by invitation only. If you have not been invited, please don’t contact me about guest posting.

Some basic guidelines:

  • I do not publish lists or comparison posts
  • Be light on the sales, heavy on the education (I’m am know to edit some posts a lot, so just be aware)
  • There will be only one link in the post and that is at the end
  • Be kind. No product bashing on competitors or rants about WordPress in general.

Please note that on the form you will need to agree to these terms.

  • BobWP may add links to posts within his site from your post
  • BobWP has full editorial control and I give permission to make any edits needed, and the edited version will not be sent back to you for final approval.
  • BobWP has the right to remove this post at any time from the site
  • No tracking links allowed in the post
  • If I am currently a registered as an affiliate of the product being written about, I will be using my links.