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Guest Posts on BobWP

If you have reached this page, guest posts are by invitation only. If we have have not talked about your subject matter or you are someone I personally know and have yet to be invited, please use the contact page to pitch me your idea. And remember, you will likely have a better chance of being accepted if I know you.

Some basic guidelines:

  • I do not publish lists or comparison posts
  • Be light on the sales, heavy on the education
  • There will be only one link in the post and that is at the end

Please note that on the form you will need to agree to these terms.

  • BobWP may add links to posts within his site from your post
  • BobWP has full editorial control and I give permission to make any edits needed
  • BobWP has the right to remove this post at any time from the site
  • No tracking links allowed in the post
  • If you mention a product or service, including your own, and I’m an affiliate or can become an affiliate, you agree that I will use my own affiliate links in your post.