Hello 2023

Another year gone by.

I have always found this transition a bit odd and all of the anticipation around it. How so many of us have this cut off that is dictated by a day of the year. Within 24 hours a new future is on the horizon.

On the other hand it’s nice to have a beginning and end, no matter how enigmatic is may be.

A look back

If you have followed me for more than a year, you know I am not one to write posts on the reflection of the past year. There’s something in me that is always living for the moment and looking at what’s to come.

Sure, I reflect on things. Think about moments in the past as well as how they may affect the future. But sorry to say, I never these down.

If you have been connected with me over the last 12 months you know the story.

If not, you likely are more interested in what is to come vs. what happened the past.

The next 12 months

Well, where do I start? Or should I? On the business side at Do the Woo there is a lot going on this year. Of course, those will be announced in bits and pieces. I have a tendency to organically shift and shape things as the days past. So what I may say today about three months from now, well, let’s just keep that bundled for three months from now.

What if I was to say this coming year is an exciting one? Well, I think a lot of people will express themselves that way. And often it’s just the fact that it is a new year.

But I can truly say that from the depths of my soul. Our relocation coming up to Porto, Portugal is not only exciting, but a life-changer. Moving to a new country, assimilating ourselves into a new culture, I cannot even begin to share with you the excitement we are feeling at this stage in our lives. But rest assure, you can follow all of that over on my Porto blog.

So as much as you may have anticipated a long post about what has been and what will be, sorry to disappoint you.

But I do want to say that if you have read this, I appreciate you as a reader. I hope you are looking forward to this next year as much as we are.

Love and peace, BobWP

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