How to Hide Shipping Methods and Options Conditionally in WooCommerce

Setting up your shipping on your WooCommerce store can become a maze as you offer more and more products, each with their own limitations around size, geography or even user criteria.

Having the option to hide based on several conditions can make life easier.

Hiding Shipping Methods in WooCommerce

The Hide Shipping Methods for WooCommerce is yet another extension that does one thing, and does it well. It works with the shipping methods that come with both WooCommerce by default and any premium WooCommerce products, both by Woo and third-parties.

All options of conditionally hiding the shipping methods can be controlled by:

  • WooCommerce product categories and shipping classes
  • Destination countries, states and postal codes
  • Order weight, and product SKU
  • Cart sub-total
  • And, of course, by both shipping methods and options

Once installed and activated, you will get this page to create your rules. Based on what I have already explained, you can see all the options you have.

create shipping rule

With the conditions, you can set multiple rules. A simple example would be if I wanted to hide free shipping for microphones because of some shipping restrictions.

shipping rule step 1

I would choose the shipping method to hide.

Now I have the rules created and I can easily mange them here.

manage shipping rules

It’s really as simple as that. You can check out the Hide Shipping Methods for WooCommerce here.

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