The WordPress ecosystem

The WordPress ecosystem is unique. Maybe it’s because of the fact that we are open source. Or perhaps it is the history of just how much the community around it has impacted the direction and growth. Whatever the case. as a business you are now entering the space. A stranger in a strange land. I can help you there, as I have done this with hundreds of businesses and individuals over the years.

One Hour Zoom

We will spend an hour on Zoom as I share with you the experiences and lessons learned from 16 years in the ecosystem. And, of course, answer your questions.


You will get the audio file of the hour that we chatted. In addition, I will send you any resources that I shared in our conversation as well as extra resources to help you.

30 Minute Followup

In 60 days we will have a follow-up Zoom chat where I can answer additional questions that you may have. In addition, I will share you any other resources and the audio recording of this meetup.


Interested in booking your slot. Send me a message and tell me a bit about who you are and what you do.