How 2020 Affected a WooCommerce Builder in Nigeria

This was taken from a Do the Woo podcast episode with Mary Jobs.

Moving Online in Nigeria

I think last year, because when the lockdown started, we initially we thought one month, two months, everything would die down and then it stretched to a whole year and a lot of people had to move over to selling their products more online than offline. And in some physical stores who were selling online, you have to order online and then they have to deliver it. You can’t come to the restaurant or to the shops to buy the item. They have to deliver to your door.

I remember that we had this client from the previous year who wanted a WooCommerce store and we were practically giving her the reason why she should get an eCommerce store because she sells very well physically. And we were the one chasing her to make sure the site is up and running.

Last year, she came to us and said “I think I still have left over money from the previous time.” I’m, “no, no, no, you don’t. You have to start all over again.” So I think it made people realize that you have no choice. If you have a physical so you have to balance it with an online store. If you don’t have a physical store, the best way to sell these days is an online store.

The Challenge of Moving Online

So definitely a lot of people are moving their businesses online, even over here. And then over here, it’s more difficult because off the top of my head, I would say about 75% of the civil services, the government services are offline. Because they tried to move them online but for so many reasons, they don’t want the adoption to work. But I think last year has made people realize that it’s better when people process these things online than when they have to physically come to the office. That kind of open because of COVID. Because they would lose revenue from not, I mean, if I have to come to the office to process my driver’s license, for instance, then you’d be losing money compared to if I could process it online and then come over to pick it up.

So a lot of people are moving around. This year people are even taking it more seriously because this year is uncertain, we don’t know what is for you to happen yet this year. Everybody’s on edge, let’s us get our online platforms ready and set to go just in case something happens and if nothing happens, well, we still have bought stores, physical and online to work with.

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