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How to Easily Add Two Blogs to A Single WordPress Site

Two Blogs on One WordPress SiteIf you have already created a blog, or are thinking of one, you may find yourself covering a couple of topics you really want to separate into two blogs on your single site. They may just be different enough, but not so unrelated that they each deserve their own blog and WordPress installation.

This is actually very simple, when using categories and your custom menus in WordPress. You can categorize certain posts and create buttons in your navigation bar to give your readers the illusion that they are two separate blogs. Watch this video tutorial that will show you how in just a few steps.

NOTE: One thing I did not mention in this video, when you create these two separate blogs, you can also easily separate all categories assigned to each on in a menu in your sidebar using the menu feature and the custom menu widget.

You may also be interested in my tutorial on Creating Your Navigation Menus in WordPress.

Need a custom layout on that page?

If you are wanting to create that other blog page on your site, but want that page to be something more than just a list of posts, for example, a grid like layout, I would suggest that you check out the Conductor plugin.

311 comments on “How to Easily Add Two Blogs to A Single WordPress Site

  1. I’m still struggling with a blog within a blogsite. I want static pages with my blog inside, but if I change the settings, the posts don’t appear.

      1. Bob

        Thought I had found the answer with you tutorial but I can’t get the two categories to appear.

        I want a static home page.

        I followed the tutorial and added two categories and then added them to a menu. However neither appear on the home page as links.

        Saw the tutorial at http://bobwp.us/mRUvmo but thats not heped as I had that set up already.

        Any help would be appreicated – using theme Misty Lake but tried 2011 and its no different.


        1. Bob

          Sorted it – need to set the menu to Primary Menu to force WP to use it and remove the ‘post’ page.

  2. Very cool little tutorial, Bob Dunn.  Thank you!
    I recently had the same question and scoured the internet for answers!  I thought about doing something like this (and still sometimes wonder if that would have been the way to go) but decided to create a subdomain and a separate WP installation.  Each has a custom link in their respective menus to the other site.

    1.  @tshombe  You are very welcome. And yes, there is that issue and having your own URL for each blog. And this is a great way to do it, some people are just wanting to split their existing content or find an easier way of doing things other than having two blogs to deal with. 
      But I feel that one blog will still get great SEO through categories and good content. Of course, pros and cons to both : ) Thanks for stopping by my friend!

  3. Thanks Bob – I had been trying to figure this out for a while, but was looking in to much more complex solutions, like creating customised page templates. You have saved me tons of time!

  4. Amazing! i can’t believe how easy it was. Thank you very much Bob. I’m a WP newbie and this saved me a lot of reasearch and work. Greetings from México.

    1.  @Tomas PB Isn’t’ that funny how that works : ) Sometimes the easiest solutions are the hardest to find. Good to hear it worked for you, and thanks for the greetings.

      1.  @bobWP Thanks again Bob, I have another question: Is there a way to change the adress for my 2 blogs?
        It says: mysite.com/category/myblog
        I would like to remove the word category from there.
        Thanks in advance, you’re so kind.

        1.  @bobWP  @Tomas Of course, thanks for your interest:
          blog (category) 1: http://textuseditorial.com/category/las-peras-del-olmo/
          blog /category) 2: http://textuseditorial.com/category/los-abajo-firmantes/
          I would like to remove that “category” in the URL.
          Thanks in advance Bob.

        2.  @Tomas PB I did get your URL’s but I think that comment is being held because of the links… no worries.
          Yes, WordPress by default will add the category in the URL.  Two options. 
          1. Is to create a rewrite in your .htaccess file, which most people are comfortable with… 
          2. I found this plugin that supposedly takes care of this for you. I’ve never used it, but it’s worth a try … http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/no-category-base-wpml/

        3.  @bobWP You did it again Bob! I went with the plugin route. You rock! 
          It’s amazing all the things plugins can do for you and most of us newbies ignore. Just installed my favicon with one easy plugin too!
          But, i don’t know how safe it is to rely on plugins for many things. Maybe i don’t explain myself very well, my english is kinda limited.
          Your site was a very nice find Bob, keep the good work.

        4.  @Tomas PB Glad to hear that! And thanks…
          Yes, if you can get around certain things without a plugin, it’s one less to have running on your site. But there are so many good one’s that make WordPress so much easier for the user : )

  5. This is very helpful. One question; how does one assign a different url to the other blog if they’re interconnected? I’m looking to start a new blog that’s very different from my other. Should I just do multisite if they’re unrelated or could I make this work?

    1.  @MichaelTaylor2 Actually this works much better for blogs that have a common theme. Then you can always do a redirect to the category page with your URL. 
      But if they are both very different, I would recommend separate blogs. I have three, so I have three separate WP installs. I normally don’t recommend Multisite unless you are planning on doing a lot of different sites or blogs. It’s pretty much overkill for just 2 or 3. 

      1.  @bobWP Thanks, that’s what I needed to hear. I was a bit overwhelmed by the mutlisite switch over anyways so I’ll just do a second install. Thanks!

  6. Bob,
    Your tutorial provided me exactly what I needed! Now I can have “general” blog entries displaying in blog format on my home page and “book reviews” displaying in blog format too!
    Thanks a ton!

    1. I love hearing that.. perfect timing : )

      Yes, it’s amazing when you start thinking outside the box of “categories” and learn what they can really do for you. Glad to hear it helped!

  7. Hello,
    Very good video tutorial but I have some questions. Our Home page is the blog format (just photo images) and I want to add Blog category. All the photo posts are now uncategorized. Due I make a “home” category and change all the photos to the “home” category? Our blog category will have all text entries. There is already a home tab. Do I have to change the home tab in the menu section? If you go to website will the home show up the way it does presently? Am I making myself clear?

    1. Hey Jeff, yeah, I’m a little unclear of exactly what it is you want to do.

      So are you leaving the home page as is? Sounds like it’s just your blog index, or your blog page.

      And what do you mean by a blog category? When you say all text are you trying to split up the posts that have images and the ones that have text only. If you can give me an idea of what you want you navigation to look like and what each link in the nav bar will do, I might be able to better understand what you are trying to do…

      1. Bob, this is a non-profit website for a 413 acre Preserve on the West coast of Florida: http://withlacoocheegulfpreserve.com I am using the Heatmap theme which doesn’t make much sense because it is optimized for adsense, but I use the same theme for other sites. I set this up as a full page template. The home page is the blog page, if you look at it. I use it to put oversized graphic images and videos and you can scroll down and see archived images. I want to create another page as a blog (maybe call the tab “latest news”) which will include written monthly updates and reports and will be archived like a typical blog. So the Home tab and the latest news tab will be a blog. Do I set up 2 categories (“home” and “latest news”) and quick edit as per your instructions? I was concerned that something strange would happen when I opened up the site.
        Do I have reason to be concerned that I will mess things up? Thanks, Jeff

        1. Hey Jeff, that makes sense and yes, you should be able to do that fairly easy. As long as your theme works with the menu feature in WordPress, two categories would do the trick and it shouldn’t mess up anything….

        2. Thanks Bob! I will give it a shot.
          Another question, if you don’t mind?
          I was asked if we can put a page on the same site that would allow board members to communicate with one another, but be a private page. Sounds like some aspects of a membership site? Does dialog between a couple of people mean another blog page or something different? Do you have a couple of suggestions? –Jeff

          PS I like the “are you real” box. Is that a plugin or part of Genesis Theme?

        3. yeah, there are several options there, and you could look at some simple membership plugins to do that job… and the “are you real” box, yes that comes with CommentLuv Pro plugin

        4. Me Again,
          Bob, when you click here: http://withlacoocheegulfpreserve.com
          The latest news page shows up with the home posts underneath.
          When you click home tab it works fine and when you click latest news tab it is OK.
          But a fresh opening of site lands on the latest news.
          Am I missing one setting change?

        5. I am thinking you need someone to pop in and help you with you nav menu. You need to make sure that whatever page you want people to land on is either 1. your default blog page, or 2. a specific page… not category as set in the readings settings

          it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on without being the backend : )

  8. Thanks, Bob. It worked almost flawlessly. I had to fiddle with some php code (first timer!) to get each category archive to show full content, and not just excerpts, and now – beautiful!

  9. Hi, thanks for your great advice. It works for me. However, I was wondering, is there a way to do it in such a way to remove the words “Archive for xxx Catagory” and replace with other (self determined) header instead? I want to Make one blog page for company “News & Events” and one blog page for “Blog”.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. mmm, I imagine that has something to do with you theme, and you would need to actually do a little editing in themes php file. Some do this and some don’t even give a title..

  10. Hello Mr Dunn,
    Thank you for the tutorial.
    Would it be possible to push the concept a bit by having those categories appear in submenus of a general “blogs” parent tab instead of side by side in the menu as they are presented in your tutorial?

    1. Adrian, great point. And yes, there are so many ways to do this, and that would be another good option. The beauty of being able to use the built in menus function of WordPress allows you to mix and match, whether it’s in your main navigation, or menus in the sidebars. Thanks for adding that idea!

  11. Great!
    So it is possible that categories could be “childs” of a parent menu called “blogs”?!
    What would be the trick for that?

      1. Wow, the dead link is a great trick indeed!
        And, I’ve just realized that in the menu section it was possible to drag the categories into the new dead link button… Wow
        Thank you so much for your help!!!

  12. Wow, i checked out so many plugins to use 2 Blogs on my Site… And your way is so damn easy, that i even dont have thought of it 😀 Thank you very much :)

  13. Thank you so much for this tip. One question though…Is there a way to disable the posts I select for the new categories from feeding through to my home pages as well?

    1. Glad you found it helpful. Regarding your question, that would depend upon your theme and how you have your homepage set up. Some themes have an exclude option for the blog or the homepage.

      There is a plugin that I have used in the past called simply exclude. One of the options is to go into your categories and you will be able to exclude specific categories on your front/home page. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simply-exclude/

      1. Had same concern, Simply Exclude did the trick. An immense amount of time saved!

        One thing is that Simply Exclude would sometimes leave out the checkbox options for all posts. This might be a small bug or a browser compatiblity issue (I’m using Firefox). Regardless, simply refresh your screen and the options boxes should reappear for all posts you are editing.

        Thank again Bob.

  14. Hi Bob!

    I, too, wanted to say thanks for making this video. I’m in the process of creating a new Web site and was on the verge of going through the complicated process of adding folders, doing multiple installs, and creating multiple databases in order to have two blogs on my site. Your video just saved me a lot of time and effort. Thank you!

    1. Hey Wendy, that is great to hear. What I have found with multiple installs, or even trying to go with a multisite install, often it’s not necessary if you can just find these workarounds. Glad I caught you in time!

  15. That was a *much* simpler solution than I was expecting, so thank you!

    Is there any way to have a different header on one of those blogs?

  16. Hi!
    I am starting my website (today!) and your video about how to create two blogs on the same site was GREAT for me! The reason I want two is because one will be in Portuguese and the other in English with different content, so google translate would not be an option.
    I am glad I found your website and I will be studying every tip you give!
    Thanks for the awesome work!

    1. Cecilia, so glad this was perfect timing for you! And you needs is another perfect example of how this can used. Thanks so much for coming in and sharing.

  17. Hi Bob,
    I should have checked it but it, it is so easy but so much to learn about wpress…

    So I found your blog and what shall I say, you saved my life :)


  18. Thanks so much for the video it was easier then I thought. I think I am using a elegant themes wordpress theme. This works fine for the twenty eleven theme but when I activate the elegant theme it does not. Just curious if you have run into this problem? Could use some help.

    1. I am guessing that the Elegant them should have space for at least 1 menu, if not two. In either case you should be able to add a category easily to the navigation bar. And of course depending on the homepage, there might be other widgetized areas you could do this.

  19. Thanks a bunch. I tried doing exactly this, but both blogs were showing up under “chapters” and only the podcasts under “podcasts.” For some reason creating a new “chapters” category and trashing the old one worked, and now just the book chapters show up under “chapters” and the podcasts under “podcasts.” I don’t know what the difference was, but trashing the first “chapters” and creating a new one and adding it to the menu fixed my problem. It may be that filling out the “title attribute” helped. I didn’t have that on either category filled out, but I did the second time around. Thanks again. This really helped.

    1. That’s great to hear you figured it out. Yes, anytime you put a category, page, post, etc in the trash, sometimes it still recognizes it as just being there. I’m not sure if that is what you are talking about. And yes, the title attribute can help.

  20. Wow! I wish I could pay you for this! This is exactly what we were looking for and other posts and options seemed so complicated. This is a lifesaver – can’t thank you enough!

    1. After setting it all up I did have a question: Is it possible to do this with the categories being pages? Since the categories aren’t pages, I don’t see where I can edit the layout (it seems to be going to a default layout that is different from what I want). I’m also not able to add sidebars that I can tell. I’m going to keep investigating but any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you!

      1. mmm, let me see if I understand what you are saying. You don’t want the index page (blog style) for categories? Yes, when you create a category link, it’s pretty much like your blog index page. Not really editable as it just pulls in the most recent. So what are you exactly wanting to do with the category page? If you want something at the top you can create a sticky post for that category. If you want, give me a few more details….

        1. Thanks Bob! I hoped it could the same formatting as my blog main page, which is a Pinterest style look. I also hoped I could put a sidebar with ads on it but I understand from your reply that this may not be possible, which is understandable if it’s like an index page. Thanks again.

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  22. Hi Bob–

    Thank you for this post, it was very helpful, as are a lot of the comments on this post. I am new at this sort of thing, so forgive me if the answer is above in the comments (I think it is–but let’s just say I am still a bit confused!) but I am a photographer who is looking to have “two blogs” on the homepage of my wordpress site. (The homepage which I am looking to make more “static,” save the two blogs I want to display) I know my current theme probably won’t work (which is fine, I am on the hunt for one now that doesn’t display category archives as a grid as the current one does) but how do I achieve that look? (What I am going for when I say “two blogs” is the sort of layout that this site has: http://www.aliedwards.com) I think it has something to do with putting my category results into a navigation menu other than the main one….but I am stumped. And to take it one step further–is this dependent on what type of theme I have? I have now had three different themes, and it seems that some have horizontal menus, some verticals, I don’t know if that is theme specific or prophoto specific. (Would really love some sort of wordpress decoder map if something like that existed–I don’t know half the time where things are going to end up until I preview them!) And now I fear I have asked too many questions and confused you. Please let me know if you can help. Long story short, I know I can create two “blogs” with categories–but how do I get them to display like this: http://www.aliedwards.com. (And if there is a basic, free theme that would get this to work–please feel free to pass that info along:)) Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather, sorry this got put into moderation and I just happened to come across it…

      Yes, basically you are looking for a theme that has widgeted areas that you can pull specific content into those areas. What you would do is assign those areas to certain categories. Now I cannot say for sure if the themes you have will do this. Also, as far as recommending one, there are just so many that often I need more information to find the one that works best for you. Unfortunately, people typically hire me to do just that as it often takes some time.

      If you need a little more understanding of what I am talking about, watch the video of this theme from StudioPress… http://bobwp.com/how-to-set-up-the-homepage-on-the-agency-child-theme-for-genesis/ This is kind of what you are looking for. This is not a free theme though, and I don’t recommend a lot of them as it’s best to put a few dollars into a theme to make sure you get support and updates as needed.

      Hope this helps some.

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  24. Thank you, Bob, for this simple and easy solution. All of the other support resources I found for creating 2 blogs within the same site were so complicated and really beyond what I needed. You saved me time and a massive technical headache. Keep up the great tutorials. I will definitely look at your other videos. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the kind words… sometimes that’s what happens in tech, solutions are created that are so much more complicated than they need to be. I like to keep it simple :)

      1. A follow-up question if you will …. I have created two categories for a blog post – MAIN BLOG and PROCESS. The process blog page (newly created) shows only the posts marked in the category PROCESS. That is working perfectly.

        The Main Blog, however, shows both posts marked MAIN BLOG but also PROCESS. Does WordPress always have the default blog page show every post, regardless of category?

        Thanks again.

        Am I missing something?

        1. Okay, this will be dependant on your theme… some themes allow you to exclude categories by ID, which means you could do it on your main blog page. Other choice might be the plugin Simply Exclude which allows you to exclude a category from your blog page. The plugin hasn’t been updated for sometime so not sure if it will be friendly with WP 3.6.

          Here’s another plugin that might work for you that I found, haven’t used it myself. http://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-category-excluder/

          The only other option is to create a category called Main Blog and hide your blog page and just created a new menu item for that category. Of course, that would mean any posts you have written you would need to go in and change the categories on it as well.

  25. very useful video.
    I wanted to make my homepage with selected posts from my blog, (not everything what i write, but, the best things) But I think as it is frontal page, static page, it is impossible.
    My be you have some suggestions?

    1. Yeah, if you have the front page set as static for your theme, you can’t do that. Best you could do is add something to your sidebar. You might be able to add an RSS aggregator plugin but still not thinking you would be able to choose specific posts. That is a challenge and can’t think of any workaround unless your theme has a widgeted homepage.

  26. Hi Bob,
    Your solution works out for me! My question though: Is there a way to choose different head-pictures for each category-page? Since they have different subjects, that would be awesome! I am using the “Adventure Journal” Theme, if that has something to do with it (I have no clue cause I am new :)).. Thanks so much for helping!

    1. So it sounds like you want a custom header on each category archive page. This typically involves someone doing some custom coding for you. I know this plugin is suppose to do something similar to that but also involves dropping a bit of code into a php file and not sure if it works with all themes, but you do need to feel comfortable with editing a file :( http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-display-header/

  27. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the great info! I do have a question for you… Is it possible to feature the 2 blogs on the home page? Like in a two column layout as well as having the menu bar links?
    I have been trying to figure this out for someone and can’t find much information so far.

    1. Hi Jaime, a two column layout is pretty much dependent on the homepage of your theme. If your theme’s homepage isn’t widgetized or set up that way, and it’s a single column content homepage, you would have to have a dev create a new template for your theme’s homepage. What theme are you using?

      1. Hi Bob,
        I haven’t chosen a theme yet. I wanted to make sure it was possible first. I have been looking at themes with 2 and 3 columns and a navigation bar at the top. So far I like My Life and Pinboard. Do you think either of them would work for a 2 blog omepage?

        1. That’s good then… are those both free and on .org? I know that with the StudioPress themes, which I use a lot of, many of them make it very easy. But I can peek at those two if they are easy to access.

        2. Peeking at those two I thought Pinboard might, but from the back end, no. I typically recommend purchasing a premium theme like those at StudioPress… well worth the money down the road.

          A couple thoughts –

          1. When people are looking for a theme, they often hire me to find the best one. If you would like some help, you could always purchase some time under my training and coaching.

          2. The Metro Theme from StudioPress is a good candidate for what you are looking for. Not sure where you are in the WP learning curve, but I have a video series over on my other site that includes training on that theme… just a thought: http://bobwponline.com/choose-build-your-blog-class/

        3. Actually a lot of those themes like Metro can be used to not display all that you see. That is what’s misleading about demos. As far as that other theme, it might work depending on your exact needs and how you want posts displayed in the columns. Would have to get into the backend of that one as well.

          I have my hourly retainers here that you can check out http://bobwp.com/wordpress-coaching-training/

      1. Thank you! I’m not sure why either…HP Laptop/Google Chrome. And…I JUST stumbled across the site and signed up for the emails, so I will surely be taking the time to add a gravatar! 😉 Thanks again! =)

        1. Yeah, who knows… I’m on Chrome as well. You gotta love technology!

          Glad you were able to see it there and thanks much for subscribing!

  28. Wow! thanks for this. I’ve been looking for an easy solution for this for 3 weeks now. I was about to give up. And it hs taught me again that the answers to problems are very often very easy.

    Great stuff Bob!!

    1. Hi Henk, well, I’m glad you finally were able to solve it… that’s the thing with WordPress, often the solution is simple, but not always so obvious 😉

  29. Hi Bob! Does this not work for some wordpress themes. I tried all the steps and it not adding it at the top menus. It’s creating a spot next to each post that you can sort them. My site is drummerben04.wordpress.com if you want to take a look at it.

    1. P.S. in the menu structure I have About as a page and then My life and Natural Living as a Category. It appears as though you put two separate categories as separate tabs. I guess in my theme pages only show up at the top.

      1. Ha Ha Sorry for the bother. I finally figured out that if you go to customize menus and then choose your custom menu it appears. It was hiding in this menu I created called Menu 1. Thanks for the videos and tutorials though, really helped create my blog.

        1. No worries, I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a question, then figured things out in the meantime :) Glad you were able to get it working and you are very welcome!

    1. Hey Yvonne, yeah, that is a different animal. It can be done, but not as easily. If you want it to actually be integrated into your current site, then a developer will need to create some custom templates for you. The easiest way is to create a separate blog, link to it, but make it appear seamless (with some design work) and also make it easy for someone to get back to the main site.

      For SEO (search engine optimization) the first choice is your best option. If you go with a separate blog, then have the install be a subdomain, eg, yourdomain.com/blog.

      Wish I had a simpler answer 😉

  30. hi bob! thanks so much! i just book marked you page! glad i found you. so i have a question, is there anyway, after separating the two blogs that i can not have those posts be sent in an email for those who are following me?

  31. Hi Bob,
    I’ve been trying to figure this out and finally on a google search you turned up! I read thru all the comments to make sure I couldn’t figure it out, and I still can’t. My blog is the home page, and when I did what I think the video says to do….added category and a page and assigned them together. My blog post still only feeds to my home page. My theme is headway and perhaps it’s something to do with that. I’m trying to feed my goodread reviews onto my blog as a post but want them to be separate appearing as is in a separate blog. Goodreads says to auto post to your WP blog post this in their app http://www.yourblog.com/xmlrpc.php . It works going to my home page, but I can’t redirect to another page. Any ideas?

    Yikes, sorry so complicated, but in any case I’m ex tactic to have found you and have signed up.

    Thanks for this wealth of info!

    1. Hey Pam, thanks… and yes, not sure if there is another setting in Headway that is causing this. Trying to remember all my steps in the video since it’s been awhile, but did you also check your reading settings. Check out this post and see if that might be the problem.

  32. Hi Bob.
    Thank you for posting that video. It is perfect for what I need. However, I ran into a couple of difficulties with the two blogs. I need a “blog” blog and a “q & a” blog. The “blog” will be just like a regular blog, and there’s no problem there. The “q & a” blog, though, needs a static paragraph on the top of the page to invite and let users know how to participate in that section. Also, the side bar should be different from the “blog” sidebar. The “q & a” sidebar needs a custom form for users to fill out and submit their questions. So what I need here is a static paragraph and a custom sidebar on the second blog. Is there a way I can do that? Thank you so much for your time and attention.

    1. Okay, on the static piece… a dev can usually add some code but a couple of other options. Create a post and click to make it static… that post will stay at the top and can server as that. The other option is dependent on your theme… if you go in and edit the category, there is a place to put a description. Some themes will show that at the top of the category archive page, some don’t, so that all depends.

      Custom sidebars. If you are self-hosted and not on WordPress.com, there are a few options. If you are using a Genesis child theme, you can use the plugin Simple Sidebars. Also, you can use WooSidebars (video here)… it works on most other themes besides Woothemes. And if for some reason that doesn’t work there are several other plugins that you can find on WordPress.org.

      1. Wow, thank you for being so quick to reply! Now that I am looking into it, I realize that I managed to create the two categories and put them on the menu, but I am not being able to make the posts assigned to the q & a category show there… It goes to blog still.

        I am a newbie, so I couldn’t find where to click to make that post static…

        I am using mysitemyway’s Echelon theme and the website is installed at WordPress.org. I’m trying to do that here: ghoebermorales.com.br Right now, “Conexão GM” and “Blog” on the menu are the categories, if you’d like to take a look. Would you be able to tell what I am doing wrong?

        1. Actually let me see if I can clarify, since typically when I go in to start to fix and troubleshoot, I get hired for that :)

          You should be able to create a category called “Q&A”, assign posts to that category and then add it as a category to your menu under appearances > menus.

          As far as a sticky post, when you are in editing or creating a post, and where you click to publish it, find “visibility” and under public you will find “Stick this post to the front page”. Just remember that if you do this only assign it to the specific category. Or it will show up on your regular blog page. You may have to experiment with it a bit.

        2. Thank you once again. I’ll try to make that work again, and if I don’t, I would like to know how much you’d charge for your service – to solve this issue. :)

        3. Actually I work with a one-hour minimum and you can see my rates under my training and coaching.

          Another option for smaller things like this might be more affordable, you could give Tweaky.com a try…

        4. I figured it out! And in the end, I didn’t need to use the categories in the menu. It was all about shortcodes within the theme. It’s all good now. I just need to figure out now how to fix the breadcrumbs and the category link at the end of the post. I’ll start following you from now on. All the best!

  33. Thank you so much for this! I have been looking all over for this. I was going to have to do a much more complicated system with separate log ins for each page. This is so quick and streamlined!

  34. This is a great idea, and I’ve been trying to get different categories to show up on my menu for ages. It doesn’t seem to be working for me, though. Perhaps it’s the theme I’m using? I’m using Dolce at the moment. When I go into menu, it doesn’t show categories as an option to add to the menu… Is there anything I can do to change this?

    Much appreciation in advance for any help you can give!

    1. Yeah, I’m not familiar with that theme settings. It’s odd that the theme would have its own menu, and you cannot create them using the native menus feature in WordPress. Where are the menu options?

  35. Okay – so I think I figured it out by using the “links” option in my menu editor.

    BUT – I have another question.

    I don’t want one blog feed with all my posts – I want three separate feeds – one for fashion, one for beauty, and one for travel… But when on my blog’s main page, all of the posts are there, even though they are all filed under different categories. Is there any way to change this? Also, the format is different when you click on the categories in the menu than it is on my main page – see the difference?




    I much prefer the format of the main page. Is there any way to make the category pages look like this?

    Thanks so much again for your help!


    1. Yeah, the links would work, but really strange that they are not appearing. You might contact the theme dev and ask why.

      And most of these themes have a custom template for the homepage, specific to it, which is different from the archive page which is what you are seeing with the category page. You would need a dev to help you do some coding and create a template to be assigned to the archive page.

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  37. Hi Bob, I have a simple question thats giving me Complex Soulutions!!!…lol…Here’s what I have and Need To Work ASAP Before My Website Launch New Years Ece Midnight. 1 I have a Theme I’m using that is Set up already and it uses The Static page Setting under Customize in WP (It;s Currently My Home/Index.htm Page/ I want to KEEP this Page as the MAIN Hub of my MEmbership Community). I’ve created another Home Page to become the 1st page Visitors See when accessing my web address. It’s purpose is to Register Basic & VIP Users (Set-Up Process & Profile Pages) as well as Login Existing Members (All are Auto Re-Directed To Appropriate Plases WIth My Members Plugin/UserPro). However, When I try to SWITCH my Newly Created Homepage/Index.htm page I can’t get this to work!!! At All!!!!….Help. I’ve tried WP Theme Test Drive Plugin/Jonradio’s Multiple Themes Plugin/ and Theme Test Drive Works with another Theme as the 1st page (Static) but when I try to switch back to my Websites MAIN Default Theme EVERYTHING Displayed Changes….and My Original Home Page is Displayed without Original Settings. I need to Some how create a way for me to have 2 Seperate Pages that BOTH use WP’s Static Page Feature & Settings. Is This Possible or Is There A PLUGIN To Help Me. I Need To Solve This ASAP. Thank You. Blessings.

    1. Hey Don, not exactly sure what is going on without looking at it. But my initial thoughts, why is the extension for you page /index.htm. This is a WordPress site right? Also, to actually use the static setting for WP, that can only be done with one page. You can create other landing pages and send people to those directly through the URL. Other than that I’m just not sure.

      And if you are doing stuff with redirects, and trying to incorporate an html page that might be a bit beyond a simple explanation. You might just want to get someone to help you. If you are on a tight budget, you might try Tweaky.com and see what they would charge to look at it. Sorry couldn’t be more helpful.

  38. Hey there Bob,

    Just wanted to say that for that last few hours I have been looking around for something like this and your instructions (especially in the video) is the only thing that makes sense.

    I don’t need to touch code at all and it was easy. Once again, many thanks.

  39. Hi Bob! My name is Catarina and your video was so helpful!!! THank you so much , I can finally have my two blogs separate :0)

    Feel free to visit my site… i will be up running sometime soon. The above blog is still my blogger.


  40. Hi Bob! I appologize… after I went back to my blog I noticed that even though I assigned both posts to separate catergories. Both post still show under the blog. Is there a way that I can change it. I would like to have my blog in my blog post and my baking in my baking post.

    Would you be able to help?!!! Thank you so much


    1. Yes, I could but to save you a few bucks…. first, this will depend on your theme and what features it has. If there is any setting that allows you to exclude categories on your blog page, that would be a start. Otherwise, instead of setting up your blog as the standard blog page, you could create a category called blog, then add it in your nav menu. That way you would have two separate categories, “blog” and “baking” to keep them apart from each other.

      1. Got it! I deleteb blog and created two new categories for blog and baking. Now the only thing is that altough it doesn’t show under each blog it still shows all post under RECENT POSTS. I have recent posts on the sidebar… is there a way i could change it there also?

  41. My wife has recently started blogging & wanted her ‘own’ blog on our site so this is very helpful & easy to follow advice. Thank you

    Can you please help me with a related challenge?

    Is there a way to have different subscription lists for each blog? I currently use Jetpack to manage my subscribers and can’t see a way to do this with Jetpack.

    ANy ideas would be really helpful Bob.


    1. Hey John, I don’t typically offer support like this through the blog comments, but you can create RSS feeds for different categories. I’m trying to remember if Jetpack let’s you put in a custom feel or just pulls from the site. If the latter, it unfortunately won’t work with it.

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  43. Thanks so much for this, Bob. I recently changed my business but kept the website. I wanted to keep the blog I had built up with lots of good content on productivity, but also wanted to start a new blog with my new topics (online marketing). I thought this would involve a redesign and was dreading the amount of money a programmer would charge me. Now I’ve done it all myself with your very easy to follow instructions. Now I can finally start my new blog. Thanks again. :)

    1. Hey Isi, that is great to hear…. sometimes there are options but they just aren’t obvious, which makes it even tougher. Glad I was able to save you some time, costs and headaches…. cheers!

  44. Great tutorial.
    Question: So these are essentially archive pages of categorized posts. They’re generated automatically.

    Is there a way to have it so that you have the options that you would normally have when you create a new page? Such as enabling discussion and commenting, and having a featured image?

    1. Hey Andy, I can’t think of one just because they are an archive page. I believe the only way around that is to do or have someone create you a custom template for that kind of page. Can’t even think of a theme that would have this kind of option….

      1. Ooh, I just found a way to do kind of do what I want. But now I’m running into different problems.

        So if I create a post, click on screen options, and click on the discussion checkbox, you can enable commenting. So I guess I’d have to do that for every post in the category.

        But with this archive page method – all posts would still go to whatever your actual posts page is and the archived page. Do you know of a way that will disable this so that the posts only go to the archive page?

        1. Yes, you can enable comments globally or if you just want specific posts, that is your option.

          On the second part no. Your archive page will not show comments, they only show on your full post page. There might be a way to disable the hyperlink on the archive page, but that would take some coding and I have no idea where to begin with that 😉

  45. Thanks for this great video! Does this only work if I have a static home page? Is there something within the theme that needs to be turned on for this process to work? I followed your instructions, but the two new category pages did not show up on the menu. I do not use a static front page for this site. Thanks for your help.

    1. You will need to add the category archive page to your navigation menu. You should be able to do that by going to Appearances > Menus, choosing your menu and adding it from the category options on the left.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Bob! I don’t see an option to add an archive page in the menu options. Is it possibly a widget?

        1. Hi Bob, I answered my own question. I had to add the ‘categories’ widget to my sidebar and then click the add ‘primary navigation’ and add ‘top level pages’ for the menu to show up. Really appreciate your help!

        2. Oh, one more question please: is it safe to remove my home page? That is where I currently had my blog running, but will now have it divided in two categories. Should I create a static homepage?

  46. Oh, one more question please: is it safe to remove my home page? That is where I currently had my blog running, but will now have it divided in two categories. Should I create a static homepage?

    1. Yeah, you are going to have to have some kind of landing page whether it’s you blog or a static page. And no, your blog page is just a archive page that pulls in your latest posts. You can always easily add it back anywhere.

  47. Hi Bob,

    Just to Thank you for this great post! I have been looking for a solution to make a landing page with my latest main posts (photoblog) and another blog (news) with mainly text All under the same site. I have followed your instructions and used the simply Exclude Plugin as you mentioned in the comments and it worked like a charm!

    Thank You!

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  49. Hi Bob,

    I was led to your site and was surprised how clear you explained the issue. I am also a newbie and would appreciate greatly if you could explain also how I can install two different themes one with English topbar names and one with Russian topbar names. Though the buttons English and Russian exist already on my WP site but they call the same one created theme with english menu. Would you help please? With much gratitude and thanks, Michael.

    1. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this. You can go to the multi-site route, but on just two sites, it would be overkill, and probably something, as a new user, you don’t want to have to learn or understand.

      I helped a client that had this same need with Spanish. But thinking it through, the easiest thing was to create one site with a WordPress install, set it up, then do a second install and copy your site over there, and make the language change. As I said, not the easiest solution, but probably your best bet. It will take some work though…

  50. Hi Bob,

    Excellent video. I had searched all over for how to do this and it seemed the only way was via WP_query and adding one or more loops. While that may have been good to learn how to do, it seems there is a lot of trial and error with getting the loop to output exactly what you’re after.

    I’m excited to give your method a go! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks. And yes, it’s good to know those things, but I am very fond of keeping it as simple as possible. Especially since a lot of my readers and clients don’t want to have to touch code 😉

      1. Indeed. That could have turned into a giant rabbit hole in my case! One more comment is that for anyone applying this method to a theme that states “Category: Archives: CategoryName” and wants to get rid of that. You can hide that with a very small amount of CSS — Inspect the element to determine it’s class and then add a rule to hide that element (i.e. .categoryarchivesclass h2 { display: hidden; }

  51. Hi Bob, thanks so much for the video. I have now created 2 blogs in my website. One slight issue – I would like one of my blogs to be my homepage however the previous homepage HOME is coming up when you type in simplelifestories.com. I have removed the HOME menu item from the Menu but the page still exists. How can I implement this please?

    1. Hi Cynthia, yeah, that’s a bit trickier with a standard theme to get the homepage be a category archive. I can think of a couple workarounds with certain themes, but not sure how to do it with a simpler theme. There might be other solutions like some coding or someone creating a template for your homepage, but something easy, just not sure. Will come back if something comes to me.

        1. Yes, go into your Appearance > Menus, find your current menu. On the left side open “Links” and put Home as your label, your site URL and add to menu and drag and drop to the top.

  52. I tried this, but for whatever reason, all post are showing up in both blogs. I want only the post catergorized as End of All to show up in the End of All blog (comic) and the ones catergorized as blog to show up in blog, and only in blog.

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  54. Hello Mr Bob, you are awesome!! You have solved my problem in just 7 minutes. I was thinking that creating 2 blogs would be a daunting task but your video is mind blowing….

    Thank you so so so much….. :) :)

  55. Hey Bob, I’m no computer geek–darn! I hoped I’d found my answer when my google search led me to you. the 2nd blog I’m trying to create IS totally different so I want it completely separate from my primary blog. The only thing I’ve found is you have to go to a different computer and use a different email address. I’ve created a couple different email addresses on my regular computer and when I go to word press it goes to my primary blog! So is there another way to make 2 separate blogs–any tutorial for that? Thank you!!

    1. Your best bet if you want to separate blogs, distinct and away from each other, is two WordPress installs. So typically they become two sites… the way I described is if you want to split your blog in two, but they are still somewhat related :)

  56. Hi Bob, Didn’t know this could be done until I got here after searching the web for hours ! I still have one question tho… Can I hide the Home (Main Blog) button from the menu bar and post normally but only checking the categories that I want to be shown? example; I will put Home (Category) and Blog (Category).

    Please note: my website is not live yet.

    Thank You so much waiting forward for the reply.

    1. Yes you can. Assuming your theme let’s you use the “menu feature”, when creating that just don’t add it. Most themes do these days so I would be surprised otherwise…. you will find it under Appearance > Menus

  57. Bob,

    Been thinking about this for a while, as I have an idea for another topic area that is related but wanted to separate in some way. Funny thing is, I searched for answers and this was the best one, yet from 2012. Just shows how the simplest solutions are often the most enduring.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Now on to finding out how to auto-post from Google + to my site. Tried a few ideas but they haven’t seemed to work.

    Thanks a bunch

    1. Hey Paul, thanks so much. I have thought of updating this post, but there really isn’t anything to update. I guess it’s one of those core features in WordPress that “just works”. :)

      Yeah, I haven’t found a good way to do that as I have had clients ask me the same thing. Some have decided to just go the route of adding Google+ comments on their site, but that doesn’t solve what you are trying to do. Somehow, withe Google+ api I don’t think developers have found a way to do this, unfortunately.

  58. I set this up and everything works according to the Video, except comments do not show up on my posts. In fact the entry form for entering comments doesn’t even show up. I don’t know if that is a WordPress setup thing I am missing, a theme issue, the fact that I have a static home page and no post page selected, or maybe I just don’t understand the purpose of the tutorial video. I have enable comments in the main WordPress settings and also enabled the comments checkbox on each post.

    1. I found if a create a link on a page to the post, then the comments field shows up. I guess am totally confused at this point, being fairly new to WordPress.

      1. I think the problem is this. You have a full post showing on your archive page.

        When someone is on either your main blog page (archive) or an archive page of a category, where it lists your posts, comments and the option to leave a comment is not available on those pages. Only when you click on the post, and you get the single post page, comments show and are able to be submitted.

        The solution is to show only part of your post on any archive page, including your blog list. That way people are forced to click thru to the full post. This can be done by either a possible setting in your theme, or using the “more” tag in your theme.

        Maybe it’s time for a short post explaining this visually through a video :)

  59. Many thanks Bob! Just what I needed. I had to change themes to make it work properly, but that was my intention any ways. Perhaps I would have figured it out had it felt necessary. Very grateful to have found your clear explanation! :-)


  60. Hey Bob! Loved this, although my case is a bit different!
    I would like to start a photoblog as well as a blog about my life in london!
    How would I go about this? They have to be 2 completely separate blogs with different URLs but I would still like them to be joined in some fashion!

    Many thanks,
    Demi James

    1. Hey Demi, there are probably a few different ways you could go about it, a bit difficult to explain a comment as there are some other variables that would need to be considered here, and then of course, options for you to consider.

      I would suggest hiring someone for some coaching on this. If not me, find someone that will take the time to really think out what you want to do and make sure it works for you and your readers.

  61. Hi Bob,

    This tutorial was great and simple to follow!
    It all worked for me, except for one problem – when you click on ‘read more’ on one of my blog pages on my website – rather than redirecting to the full post – it completely skips to another page of my wordpress site. I haven’t changed anything in the html coding and cannot figure out why this is happening? Any ideas why this may have happened? Thanks in advance!

  62. Thank you, Bob! For some reason my website developer set up my Home page as a blog page and rather than having to have that re-worked I was able to create a real blog page using your category method.

  63. Hi Bob,

    Very good video and very clear description of everything. I was wondering if you could give me your advice on whether what I want to achieve could be done with this method.

    I designed a site mcgettigans.com in WordPress using the multisite framework. Were having hosting issues so moving the site shortly and we have a test area to the site up on until we are ready to switch the domain. Since we have a testing area we are thinking it would be a good time to change the structure a bit.

    The site is a group of pubs but the list of pubs is ever growing. At the moment there are 8 different dashboards i need to log into to update content since there’s 1 main site (group site) and then 7 mini sites which are the individual pubs.

    I want to get away from the multisite framework and just have one dashboard and also realised some of the content was just repeating itself anyway. So there’s several pages we can have as standard pages that can remain constant in the navigation.

    Where I’m having trouble deciding what to do is with each of the venues. They need to all be able to list events, sports, menus for each venue so another words each venue may have their own unique posts of events or sport event that they are showing.

    Could the categories system be used to house all this?

    Would the individual pub be the category so that we could have category – pub 1 and category events to list all the events of pub 1?

    sorry for the long post any suggestions are much appreciated :)

  64. Thanks for this video! I just got the idea yesterday of wanting to have a separate page to show videos that I’ll embed from YouTube. I wanted a way to show the videos as separate posts so I can add the specific link in our newsletter. Awesome and EASY!

  65. Hey there Bob, thanks for this tutorial it is very clear and helpful. Im facing one issue though, I dont seem to have the choice of choosing posts categories when quick editing or editing the pages of my website.
    Is that due to my template? (im using twenty ten) How can I ensure only posts of a certain category appear on my dedicated blog page?

    I would be also very grateful for different post custom plugins/widgets


      1. Hello! I just read through this entire series and cannot believe this conversation has been going on for YEARS! :) I feel like I’m about to ask what everyone else already has but to save my life, I can’t get this to work. I stumbled across your video (so helpful!) and followed your directions to add a second blog to a T. What I finally realized is that my site uses a custom theme and does not support menus. Which explains why when I added the second category, it didn’t work. But I know there’s a fix somehow because my developer just quoted me $300 to do it, which I just don’t have. Sigh.

        All I want to do is add a new Page to my header menu called simply Blog. And I want the posts that I assign the cat of Blog to post to this new page. What on earth am I missing? Any ideas? Thanks so much! -Adrienne

        1. Hey Adrienne, since I’m not a dev, I really have no idea how they might have the menus set up. That’s really too bad they took out that functionality for you and you need to pay $300 just to have that added to your nav bar.

          You might try Codeable and get a quote… they might be able to do it for less: https://codeable.io/

          Unfortunately I have seen this happen over and over again with custom themes :(

  66. Thanks for this elegant and simple solution. When I realized that I would effectively need 3 different index pages for a client site I was dreading the solution and yours is very effective, easy to implement and serves the design and intention of WordPress with no real additional code. Thanks again!

  67. Hi Bob. I’m not sure if you answered this already but I am having some trouble keeping the format of my “main” blog page. I created one category for more personal blog posts and I want to keep my main page as more business related blog posts. However, when I publish a new personal post and place this under the personal category it is still showing up on my main page. If I create a separate category for my main blog posts I lose the formatting (don’t have sticky posts on the front). Is there a way to get around this?

    1. Hey Gabrielle, that makes sense… and possibly one of two things you could do.

      Depending on your theme, it might have an option to exclude specific categories from the archive page. But again, that depends upon your theme. I know that when you use a child theme with Genesis, there is that option.

      The other option would be to use a plugin. Unfortunately I don’t have any personal experience with most of these, and some aren’t up to date with the latest version of WordPress. But one of them might be worht a try.. just make sure you have your site backed up before you give one a whirl. Here is a search I did on .org that listed a few: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=exclude+category

      1. Bob, thank you for your response. Sorry for my ignorant question but are these solutions only applicable to wordpress.org? I watched your video but without sound so I missed that. Either way, thank you!

  68. Hello Bob,
    I need a little help with my blog.
    I created this blog without realising another blog i had was logged on. So now i have that previous blog as the admin of this new blog.
    I really dont mind having both blogs in one account, but the problem now is when i reply comments on this new blog, the previous blog’s display name is what shows.
    How do i change this?
    I saw the option of changing the previous blogs display name to this new one but got the information that it would change alot of things on the first blog like the gravata etc.
    What do you suggest?

    A second thing i need help with is changing fonts size and colours in my current theme without having to download an add-on.
    Are there any free themes on wordpress that supports the increasing of font sizes? I currently use Blogum theme.

    Thank you!

    1. The first issue, I’m not sure what is going on. You should be able to change the name, but it sounds as if you are pulling in info on both sites from the same database… or I could be wrong. I would suggest having someone go in and check things out to be honest. Hard to make recommendations not know what it really going on.

      Yes, some themes have that built in, for eg. premium WooThemes. Canvas is especially good at having a lot of options. I’m sure there are some free themes as well, I’m just not aware of those off hand.

  69. hii Bob, I have set up two categories as you showed, and have added blog posts to those categories. the one called blog shows up ALL my blog posts. The one called celebrities shows up just those blog posts marked as ‘celebrity’ however.. it shows only excerpts not the full blog. perhaps it could be my theme, but have also tried this on another purchased theme on another site i run and its the same outcome so perhaps i am missing a simple step.. any ideas would be great thanks.

    1. Yes, most likely it is your theme is that is a global setting. And it can be different from theme to theme. Some allow you to toggle it, others it’s built in. The only way to change the latter is to get a snippet of code, but then if you are not using a child theme, the next time you update your theme you will lose that customization. I would recommend contacting the support where you at least bought the one theme.

      On the other hand, think about this. I typically always recommend that you have excerpts on any blog archive page that list posts, whether it’s your blog archive or a category archive. The main reason being this. If someone reads the full post on that page, they may want to comment, but the ability to comment is only on single post pages. So it ‘s best to have the excerpt so they are forced to click through to read the full post, thus, having the opportunity to read comments, or even add their own comment.

      1. thanks Bob. i think my theme might allow me to do something like this but with a different workaround.. or maybe i can google the snippet of code.. i’ve seen it posted as being in the categories php but i dont have that.. or in the archive php so it might be an option. Thanks.

  70. Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the video. This did work for adding a second blog to the site.

    Having problems getting the new posts to only show on the new second blog page.
    Home page is a blog and there are quite a few categories set up.
    When I create a new post and choose only the new category it shows on the home page and the new category page that I set up on the menu.

    Any ideas?


    1. There are a couple of options…

      If your theme has a feature where you can omit a specific category ID from the blog archive page, that is the easiest route. But really dependent on the theme.

      The second option which will be a pain if you already have several blog posts is to create a new category, call it blog, then use that category as your main blog. So instead of using the default archive blog page, you would make that page a category.

  71. Hi Bob! Like most of the other comment-ers, your tutorial was immensely helpful. I was attempting to use a blog-in-blog plugin, but as a newbie – it was WAY over my level of understanding. I was successful in creating the “2 blogs” as your tutorial suggested. However, my issue is that I only want some posts to show up in my homepage, while i want articles & research posts to show up in the “Articles & Research” link and the recipe posts to show up in the “Recipe” link.

    I don’t want everything to show up on my homepage. Can you offer any insight into how I can add posts to ONLY the recipes OR the articles – and not the homepage? Many, many thanks!

  72. Hi Bob,

    I created a NEWS and a POLL category and set up the menu per your tutorial. The NEWS posts display great. The POLLS, however, only show the title. I think it’s because I’m displaying excerpts. If I click the title of the poll, the poll displays nicely. Is there a way to have my POLLS blog display the entire post but have my NEWS blog display excerpts?


    1. Hi Patty, that is probably a global setting that is either part of your theme or built in. So basically whenever you show a category index page, it will show excerpts no matter the category. There might be some code that you could drop into your theme file to change that on a specific category, but nothing simpler that I know of. Even then, you have to be careful with doing ….

  73. Bob – this tutorial is great (solved part of my conundrum and was EASY to implement). The second part of my conundrum is now that I’ve got the categories split into different “blogs” is there any way to keep those posts off the “main” blog? I was hoping to keep the categories on their own pages and I feel like there might be a fix, but that I’m just over looking it. Thanks!

    1. A few options:

      Some themes have that option in their settings, where you can exclude categories, but that’s only some themes.

      You can try this plugin, but it will only work dependent on how you have things set up on your theme: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simply-exclude/

      The workaround, which is a pain if you already have a lot of posts, is to create a category called blog, and assign only the posts you want to show up on that.

  74. Hi Bob, great tutorial! I want to do this with my website so I can separate my blog posts from my podcast posts (so basically have a “Blog” page and a “Podcast” page). Currently my podcast is just set up as a category on the blog page. My question is whether it’s possible after following the steps in your tutorial to have two separate email sign-ups so that visitors can get separate email notifications for the Podcast category and the Blog category. Basically, I don’t want to annoy my blog readers with daily emails about my podcast if they’re not interested in listening to it (and vice versa). Right now I’m using the “subscribe via email” widget, which is automatically set up to send emails whenever a new post goes out. So, if I set up my website using your tutorial so that the blog and podcast posts are on separate categories/pages, I’d like to make sure each page has a separate email sign up. Is that possible?

    1. Depending on what you are using for your subscribe. It’s a bit more steps than I can easily explain here, but you can create a feed address just for you blog, and a separate one for your podcasts. Google how to find out your podcast feed address, and I bet you will come on something. I do this for my own podcast as well. Also, consider putting it on itunes so people can subscribe there as well, some prefer to do that.

  75. Hi Bob,
    First of all thanks for the concise and easy explanation. I did all the steps and now have hit a snag – in the Dashboard, I can click on any menu item and they come up right away, but when I try to open Appearances>Menus it freezes up and doesn’t go anywhere. Not sure if I need to contact the host (does he have anything to do with that type of error?) or do you have an idea why I can’t access the menus page?
    Will be grateful for any advice!
    William (Bangkok)

    1. Yes, this could be a number of things.. You might start with your host. But it could be WordPress itself. If you are at the current version, you may need to reinstall. If you aren’t, update.

      But before you do that a couple of things

      1. Deactivate all your plugins and make sure that isn’t the cause. And if not…

      2. Temporarily switch your theme to the default theme…

      But make sure you back up your site in both cases just in case something weird happens.

  76. Bob,
    This has been a tremendous post… I enjoyed reading the questions and very detailed answers you have provided. Thanks for the helpful info… I have been thinking about this for awhile now… I will give this a try and let you know how it works. I am using a Studiopress theme. They are awesome. Thanks again for your totally awesome blog.

  77. Ahhhhhh! Thank you! Have been trying to figure this out all day with all kinds of crazy methods out there. This was so easy and made perfect sense! I will be using your site for help often!

  78. I have read at least a dozen solutions to this problem, but I kept thinking, “there’s got to be a better, easier way!” I’m glad I kept searching. This was very easy to set up and it works perfectly. Thank you!

  79. Hi Bob, I’m really a fan of your tutorial videos over YouTube. My website http://punch2crunch.com is a multiple-blogging site. Which I made with the help of your videos. But now I am confused if made categories there for different blogs through custom-menu, how I get PageRank from the search engine because there is no page except contact-us. And to set home page for this type of sites.

    Please enlighten it.
    Thanks again!!

    1. Actually I’m not a SEO expert, and there is so much when it comes to page ranking. Good content, etc. I’m sure archive pages are ranked as well.

      I would make sure your title attributes are filled in on your custom menu item.

      And not sure if you are using SEO for WordPress by Yoast, but if you are go into the categories and make sure you fill in the SEO options for those.

      Beyond that, I’m not the expert 😉

  80. Love this its really helpful – thanks Bob I’ve signed up.

    Can you also let me know which plugin you use for the Call to Action Get WPChatter?

  81. Hi
    When I try this I get a box at the top of the page which says Category: Name of the page.

    In your tutorial something like that never shows so I just wonder if there is something I have missed.

    Secondly, I have created two categories that will show as two different pages at the menu. However new posts in those categories wont show at the homepages box of latest posts. Is there a workaround for that?

    Otherwise, great tutorial!

    1. Hi John,

      Yeah, it is always difficult to cover every situation that might happen in these tutorials :)

      On the first issue, it sounds like you are talking about the category page heading and not the label actually in the navigation bar, right? If that is the case, this is a theme dependent issue, which means that likely it’s a setting in your specific theme or a default setting.

      And shoot, the second issue also sounds like your theme. That is very odd they are not showing… again, must be a setting in your theme is all I can guess.

      Unfortunately themes will handle a lot of this differently. Some give you options to control it, other times its just built in. But I’m guessing, especially in the latter, it’s a theme setting somewhere.

      1. Yes, I have used a theme and it probably is as you say. Perhaps I just should try to revive my (way too old and way too basic) coding skills. 😀

        Thank you for a quick response!

  82. Hi Bob,

    Great tutorial, devilishly simple. One question though. I’m working on a website that needs to display at least one other blog besides the main one. However, I have imported their posts from another WordPress site including at least 100 different categories! Is it somehow possible to assign several categories to one ‘menu category’? Or am I stuck with manually editing every post (more than 600)? Any thoughts would be welcome!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, unfortunately there is no simple way to do this, but the only way you can avoid opening posts individually is:

      Go to categories > in the category you want to change click on the number of posts in that one

      Then in that page, in the drop down where it says bulk actions, choose edit > apply

      There you can at least choose that new category and save all.

      1. Yep, indeed I found that solution to change categories. Thanks again!

        Met vriendelijke groet,

        Ying-Fu Li

  83. I am really enjoying the theme/design of your weblog. Do you ever run into
    any browser compatibility problems? A number of my blog visitors have complained about
    my site not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome.
    Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

    1. So to clarify, you want to have your homepage just show a specific category? If that’s the case, unfortunately you cannot assigned a category archive page for the homepage. Some themes have settings for this, but that is really dependent on the theme. You can add a category to your nav bar via menu, and label it as home, but still by default when someone lands on your main page of the URL, it will go to whatever static page you have assigned as your homepage. Hope that makes sense.

    2. right now my hoe page shows uncaterogised, i created a new category called HelpStories and would like the posts linked to HelpStories category to be on different page.

      1. Okay, that makes sense as far as the other category. Simply go into your “menus” and add that category to your nav bar. Of course, it will only show up if you have posts already assigned to it.

    3. Thanks Bob for helping me. I tried the same as you mentioned but the posts i am publishing are getting published under the Home page not under the new menu item i created. Is there something i am doing wrong?

  84. Hey Bob, I would like to express many thanks for posting this two blogs within a blog solution. I conceptually knew it was possible but I did not know the ins and outs of how to achieve this. Thank you for the video and very clear instructions. I have achieved a solution to what used to seem a big problem =) Thanks Bob.

  85. Hi……….
    I saw your video on having 2 blogs on one site !!!
    Almost there but new posts still go to both blog pages……..
    Any suggestion?
    I think I must be leaving something out???

  86. Thanks Bob, brilliant video tutorial, it worked a treat on our Race Analysis and Race Results posts. One last question though… is there any way of linking to the posts with a dated text sub menu on the right of the posts? I think the original posts had this to aid post navigation. Now all posts have to be scrolled through, any ideas?

    Cheers, Steve.

    1. Hey Steve, do you have an example of that… trying to visualize it. Are we talking about the navigation bar or a menu in the sidebar, or somewhere else completely? I’m wondering if it’s a style of a specific theme or not.

  87. The video was very helpful. Thank you. One thing that is causing me a problem is that I don’t see categories when I add a new menu item. I’ve looked at the video several times and it’s just not working.

    1. Mmmm, very odd. So adding them to your menu via the menus under appearances isn’t working? Are you sure you have the right menu as you could have multiple ones. The other thing could be sometimes categories don’t show up if no posts are assigned to them yet.

  88. Hi,
    this is helpful but for me not 100% and I have question.

    I put in menu some new category “blog”.
    and when publish new post in that category I saw that post on front page and on blog page (categrou in menu). On blog is OK but I don’t want to see that blog thing on front page.

    Can I show post (or specific categories) in one custom page and no one page else?

    I have one kind post for download and all of them is on front page. But I need additional page called “blog” with post for blog not for download.

    Thank you.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately that is a little bit trickier.

      If you can have someone do some coding or they are comfortable with code, I believe theirs some customizations that can be done… but again, have someone know how to do this.

      There use to be a plugin that did this but it hasn’t been updated for 2 years, so that’s risky both on functionality and security, but here it is: https://wordpress.org/plugins/frontpage-category-filter/

      I know this is too late, but often this is the problem when one chooses their theme. There are themes that let you easily do this as it’s built in, but unless you foresee that need in the beginning, well, it’s not always an option.

      There are some plugins out there that will do this for specific themes, but I am thinking the last option probably would be the easiest, but it also involves buying a custom plugin. The Conductor plugin let’s you do exactly what you are talking about… creating a custom page and then you can assign it as the homepage. That is the better and easier option, but also will cost you some bucks. It works with just about any theme.

      1. Thank you for answer.

        This method in tutorial not exactly showing category on page just showing category address and that is not what I need.

        Only way is to make new page with some content who is not blog then put that new page on first page.
        And separate blog and download contents in new links in menu.

        But there is new problem. For users who searching items for download, he/she will get search results from blog to. I want to separate totally “blog” from “download blog”. Like two WordPress into one but with one Dashboard.
        Or this is declared in search engine?
        I think that is not possible. Or I must find new theme and put all from start?

        Idea is to make site who have free download and separate part for blog.
        Can his will work like subdomain and if work, does that will count visits?
        Maybe I don’t need this method with categories. I need separate blog from download and that maybe can be don’t with some other way.

        1. Yeah, this does get more complicated. It might be able to be done with a landing page and templates, depending on your theme. And a search plugin might help. But sounds like your best bet is a separate blog, which means a separate install. Subdomain is better than a main domain as your second blog will get some of the traffic juice but not as much.

          A bit more in-depth than I can answer in a comment unfortunately.

        2. I think I dont understand last words of your replay.
          If I make new WordPress in subdomain, does my Google analytical will calculate that visits (from subdomain) into primary site?
          I need blog for more visits and that is important for me to be calculated.

          And yes, this is not usually problem for comments.

        3. I think this is a bigger issue and needs some looking into it. I think your best bet is to hire someone that can help you with this :)

  89. Hi there,
    So I’m excited to find your blog after searching quite awhile to see if it is possible to do two separate blogs on one wordpress.org site. I want to be able to do a blog regarding my products but also have a blog that is more personal. Is that possible? I keep reading people mention the category thing or subdomain. I am brand new to wordpress so I would prefer the easiest way. I know your video must be right in front of me but i must admit I cannot find where to click to see it? I have clicked on it seems like everything clickable on this page and have not see the video to this topic lol. Can you kindly post the link for me? Thank you!

    1. Hey Bella, yeah, not sure what the heck happened, the space was there but the video was not appearing. So I redid the embed and it looks good to go. Sorry!

  90. Thanks a lot Bob! You made it sound so easy and simple!
    Before reaching here, I was going the totally complicated route, of course
    Will definitely be back in your blog. Cheers! :)

  91. bob, thank you for the insight. it is very helpful. my only issue is that when i select, in my case “v log” my post still shows up in both blogs. how dod i fix that?

    1. Likely you will need to separate them out using categories. Some themes allow for you to exclude certain categories on the blog archive page, but not all of them, which is much easier. If that’s not the case, you will need to have a category assigned for each blog, then instead of showing your archive page, blog, in the menu, you will need to assign the page as a category in your menus.

  92. Question: Is there a way to have essentially a list of all the articles in a certain category that’s in a certain tab stay static at the top of the blog feed that act like anchor links to the posts on that page?

    1. Actually if you theme allowed it you might be able to do something a big more functional. But in the WP default, you could create a post that had those links in it, and assign it as a sticky post. But the problem there is you would have to add them manually, as it wouldn’t just list them as you post them.

  93. Hi Bob,

    Thank you for sharing such a simple, yet effective, solution!

    My only issue with this is, now that I’ve made these changes the top of the page shows as: “Posts Categorized: Blog” along the top. Has anyone found a way of removing or omitting this?

    1. Unfortunately unless you theme has an easy way to change that, it’s often build into the code and has to be edited there. Someone might be able to give you some custom CSS to hide it.

  94. Hello Bob.
    I’ve just seen the video, and it helps me creating a blog on my page. I wanted to know, how to add the blog articles only on the blog page, and not also on the main page. It’s that possibile?
    Thank you very much

    1. If your theme automatically shows the recent posts in some form, and you want to use that homepage, the only way you can control the homepage is to see it it has settings where you can assign only a specific category that shows on the home page, then assign appropriately. Now if you don’t want any posts on your homepage, again, it will be the function of the theme and how it controls things. Lots of variables here :)

      1. I just want to put some articles only on the home page and some others only on the blog page.
        Should I look for this option on the theme’s options or there is another way?

  95. Hi Bob!

    I have found your website really helpful today for setting up various menus on my WP blog. There is one more thing I’d like to do but I can’t find any help for. I have created a Tūhonohono category and menu to show posts from that category. What I would like now is to stop post from the Tūhonohono category showing on the main blog page. How do I do that?

    Thanks in advance Bob :)

    1. Hey Jade, that is a question asked a lot, and I think it’s buried in the comments here :) But you have a couple of options.

      1. Some themes allow you to exclude categories from your blog archive page.. for example, a lot of the Genesis child themes do that. You would need to check your theme settings as they are all different.

      2. The other approach is a bit more work. Create a category called blog, or something like that. Then you would need to assign all posts, exluding ones in the other category, that way you could control what shows up on that archive. So you basically would need to replace your standard blog archive in your menu or wherever you have it with the category blog.

  96. Bob,

    Great video! One question though – is there an easy way to remove the word “category” from the name of the blog once you actually click on it? For example, if you click on “Fish/Hole of the week” or “Braggin’ Board” from my menu, you then see “Category: Fish/hole of the week” and “Category: Braggin’ Board” respectively. How do I remove the word “category” from both?



    1. I wish there was an easy answer to this one. Most likely it has to be done via code in the theme, but you have to be careful doing that as if you aren’t using a child theme, that will get overwritten when updated. Otherwise, it would need to be a built-in editing feature of the theme.

  97. I think this is what I’ve been looking for. But I’m curious as far as email subscriptions, will this allow someone to subscribe to the blogs separately? That is kinda the purpose of us wanting two separate pages of blogs.

    1. Hey Kristen, that is a great question and one that I’m surprised didn’t come up before this.

      Actually you can create a separate RSS for each category. Depending on what you use, whether it’s the build in RSS or something like MailChimp you will need to figure that out. But it should be something like: http://www.example.com/category/category-name/feed/

      The other piece will be that you will need to create custom sidebars for those category archive pages so you can put in the specific subscribe link to that category. If you are using a Genesis theme, try Genesis Simple Sidebars. Any other theme you can use WooSidebars or WidgetLogic.

  98. Bob,

    That’s what I was afraid of – I’m trying to avoid custom code. Do you know of any other themes that don’t use the word “category” by default?

  99. Great Tutorial!
    I’m trying to figure out though how to fix the custom menu for the two blogs. I’ve got a blog and a collection of receipes, but I want two separate lists for these. How do I automatically get an updates list for the two? Or do I need to alter the customized menu for each post I write?

    1. I’m not really clear on what you are attempting. Can’t you create two categories, assign the posts to the specific category, then add it to your menu? Any new posts assigned to those would automatically appear. Unless you have some custom coding that is making it harder to change your menus.

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