How to Add WooCommerce Product Support to BuddyPress or bbPress

If you are using WooCommerce alongside either BuddyPress or bbPress, you may want to give product support to your group or forum members. And as we all know, support is key to keeping your customers happy. The WooCommerce Product Support extension integrates easily with both and setup is far from rocket science.

As you will see here, the settings are few and integration is seamless. Here you will be able to set the default topic content as the initial thread for each product forum. The title can be customized for that specific product by using the appropriate placeholder and of course, as you can see, you can customize this message to your hearts content.

woocommerce support settings

Support via bbPress

When creating a product, here is where you will find the option to add it to the support forum. With bbPress, your users will have automatic access to all of your support forums so in turn adding any product support will be available to all users.

And if you are using bbPress the prior screenshot with the template will be used for the first discussion topic and will be sticky, locked so that it is at the top of discussion and not open for users.

bbpress woocommerce product support

Support via BuddyPress

If you want your users to only have access to the forums of any products they may have purchased, BuddyPress will be a better option. As you can see in this screenshot, once you have created a product you can choose to assign it to an existing BuddyPress group or create a new one. After that, anytime someone purchases the product they will have access to that group only and be able to get support.

Woocommerce product support with buddypress

A Note on Subscriptions

Be aware that if you are using this with products that are subscriptions, your customers will lose access to the support/forum once their subscription as expired.

So that’s it, an easy solution to giving product support to your customers if you are using either bbPress or BuddyPress.