How to Change Your Product Title in the WooCommerce Cart

I recently read a post over on Liquid Web that caught my eye. It was about minimizing cart abandonment.

As I read down the post I saw something that I remembered seeing my friend Joe Casabona talk about on Twitter a while back. It was a plugin that he had started working on and was revisiting for a more formal release. Of course, the name of it was what made me click on it: WooCommerce Product Cart Title.

The WooCommerce Product Cart Title Plugin for WordPress

I like this plugin. It’s simple and does one thing —and really well.

Now before I dive into some of the reasons you might want to use this plugin, let me show you how it works.

Once you install and activate it, you will see this option in your WooCommerce General tabs: Cart Product Title.

cart product title field in WooCommerce product

For example, I have a product/service called Metal Sign Engravings. Once it’s placed in the cart, the title now shows a product called Custom Bronze Sign for Your Business. This may not be the optimal title, but you get the point.

change product title in woocommerce

When I go to the product page, I see the simple product name.

woocommerce product title

But if I add it to my cart, and then view my cart, I get the custom name:

custom product name in WooCommerce cart

It’s that simple.

Why a Custom Product Name in the Cart?

You might still be wondering why this would be useful. Well, the reasoning behind this is to reduce cart abandonment.

Consider this. How many times have you added something to your cart, only to have some screaming, shiny object distract you from your purchase? Think of that next birthday gift for your spouse, that new piece of tech cries out to you.

A replacement for that toaster that went on the fritz.

And after an exhausting adventure into product limbo, you end up back at your cart. Have there even been times when you returned and wondered, what the heck is this in my cart? Or worst yet, you left the site completely only to come back days later to find to return to later to find something in your cart.

This plugin encourages you to go ahead and make that purchase. Or simply said, to get that buying rev back in your engine. It entices you. It helps you to remember why the heck you thought about buying it in the first place.

It nudges you to the final checkout.

But Be Careful

Sometimes we are given new tools that, we might not be using in the right way. Maybe you made that new product name too long. Or perhaps, you got a bit too creative and ended up puzzling your customer more than helping them.

So you want to be sure that you think this through. Once you do, then you can ride like the wind.

It’s over on Github. And there is a chance he may be adding more to it, like some premium add-ons. For example, this kind of plugin is ripe for an A/B testing add-on. But we will see.

For now, it does one thing, and it does it easily.