How to Control Minimum and Maximum Product Quantities with Roles on WooCommerce

There could be several reasons you might want to limit quantity of a product purchase on your WooCommerce site. Could be on-hand stock quantities or perhaps by user roles. In this day and time, it could be the obvious reason of not wanting customers to hoard any specific product.

Or perhaps a minimum product purchase due to lower-end products that you want to bundle together vs. relying on the customer to choose a higher quantity.

The Advanced Product Quantity Extension for WooCommerce

This extension does exactly this. No more, no less.

Bulk Product Quantity Settings

You have the option to create bulk minimum and/or maximum quantities based on roles, product or product categories. You can also choose a fixed quantity, as well and enter steps to configure interval-based quantities.

Bulk Product Quantity Settings

Cart Quantities

You can limit the quantities at the cart level as well. In addition, limitation can also be set by minimum or maximum amount.

Cart quantity configuration

There are a few additional configurations you have as far as creating a custom label, making quantity the default or a dropdown hiding/showing quantity box and custom messages.

other configurations

Product Quantity on Individual Products

You can override or set specific quantity limitations for individual products as well, with the similar options.

product based quantities

If I had set the minimum quantity for these gift baskets at 2, when you land on the product page that quantity would be set.

product page with limit set

With the default quantity box, if I tried to use the arrows, they won’t go down. And if I type the quantity of 1 and try to add it to the cart, I get this message.

warning message on quantity

As you can imagine, this is useful for many variations, as far as both setting the maximum or minimum based on a user role. For example, maybe guests can only purchase a maximum quantity compared to allowing registered customers to purchase unlimited quantities. That is just one example.

If you are looking for a way to have control over this aspect of your WooCommerce store, you may just want to check out the Advanced Product Quantity extension.