How to Create a Custom Thank-you Page in WooCommerce

Often when a customer has made a purchase, it’s the perfect time to send them to a custom thank-you page.

This could be used in many different ways:

  • To give your customer a special thanks
  • To offer a discount on their next purchase
  • To upsell a product that relates to the purchase
  • To provide instructions
  • And a lot more

Creating That Custom Thank-you Page

It’s really pretty simple.

With the Custom Thank You Pages extension, you have the option to create a global thank-you page for all your products, or use it for a specific product.

In your settings, you can choose your global page. You can also enable navigation when multiple products with custom pages are configured.

Selecting a Thank-you Page per Product

On your product page, you will find the option to choose a confirmation page under the Advanced settings.

You will also find a priority setting which will determine which thank-you is shown if you have multiple thank-you pages. It’s also helpful with variable products.

confirmation page settings

There are other options when multiple products are purchased and the control over what thank-you page they are directed to.


There are also several shortcodes in the documentation that allow you to add order details to any thank-you page.

Imagine the possibilities. With the creative use of blocks, or even a page builder, you have the opportunity to thank your customers simply by sending them to a special page.

Check out the WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages extension here.