How to Create a Waitlist for Out-of-Stock Products on WooCommerce

Often when your customers find a product out-of-stock, they head off to find another source, which might be a competitor’s site. But there are times when it may be a product unique to your store, or perhaps, you have a much better price or they prefer your site and customer service. Whatever the case may be, it could be an opportunity missed if you don’t have a waitlist for those out-of-stock items.

Offering Waitlists for Your WooCommerce Store Customers

The WooCommerce Waitlist extension helps you keep track of those products that are out of stock but in high demand. It lets you easily and automatically send your customers an email when the product is back in stock.


You will find the plugin’s settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Waitlist. The first set of options give you control over what the customer will see while in your shop. If you allow customers to opt-in to a waitlist without being logged in, an account will be automatically created and they will get the standard WooCommerce welcome from registration.

You probably will want to make sure the content boxes for both logged- out and logged-in customers is toggled on.

Then there are some admin options including the minimum number of stock you want left when the customer is notified. You also can add an alternate email if it needs to go somewhere else besides the site administrator.

And, as explained by the extension developer, the update options are most likely used if you have updated from an older version.

The Customer Experience

Once this is activated and you have completed the settings, this is good to go (as you can see on our page here).

Once I submit my email, this notification comes up.

As I mentioned earlier, they have by now been sent an email and an account created for them on your site. If they were to log into their new account, they would have a tabbed area where waitlists are listed and the opportunity to remove themselves from it if they wish.

Waitlist Info on Specific Products

If you go into your products, you will find a tab for Waitlists where you can see all who are currently active and waiting for the product to come back in stock. You can manually add a user to the waitlist and there are a few other actions you can take while there.

Also, you can view all archived users on the waitlist.

You have the option of overriding the number of stock from the admin settings on any individual product as far as notifications. Plus you can toggle off the waitlist appearance on any specific product as well.

Notification to the Customer

The moment the product is back in stock, the customer will receive this email.

You can alter the subject and heading of the email in your WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Waitlist Mailout

Lastly, you can see the number of people on any product’s waitlist in your products page.

If you are looking to extend or customize this extension further, the documentation provides a list of actions and filter hooks to help you get the job done.

So if you are interested in saving some sales, this is another option that may just make or break the chance of a customer making the purchase. You can check out the WooCommerce Waitlist extension here.

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