How To Easily Create Graphics and Animations to Promote Your WooCommerce Store

Whether it’s a static graphic or an animation, online store owners sometimes need the ease of creating eye-catching images for social media, their blog, or their marketing materials.

As someone who has done graphic design since 1989, I know the importance of good design. As a small store owner, you don’t always have the resources to get that next image created for a blog post or Facebook share. Or perhaps a video or animated post. Of course, that doesn’t count the number of times it’s needed for other small jobs.

Even for the professional designer, a resource for those simpler jobs will up your productivity.

In any case, having an affordable and handy resource for the do-it-yourselfer certainly would come in handy.

Online Design with Crello

Crello is an online service that gives you a load of tools to help you do just that. For this post, I will show you what is available at their Pro level, but you can go with any of three options, including a free membership you might start with.

To give you a bigger picture, Crello offers:

  • 13,000 free templates, with more added all the time
  • 1,200 videos
  • 3,000 free photos and 4,000 free icons and illustrations

In addition, there are low-cost images and videos available.

Creating a New Design

When you first log in, you can start by creating a new design. They include animated posts, social media posts, blogging, covers & headers, marketing materials, events and advertising. Clicking on one of these templates will get you started:

Note that at the bottom in the above screenshot above, can also add in your custom dimensions to get started.

Since a single graphic cannot show the different features that you get with Crello, I am going to create a few different graphics to give you an idea of what you can do.

Creating a Animated Video

First I will choose my design. You can choose from all the various videos on the left or filter down by category. If I simply move my mouse over any video, I can see it in action.

I have chosen a simple Cyber Monday animation for a sale graphic. Clicking on it, I have the options to adjust transparency, flip it vertically or horizontally, send it forward or backwards (as I add other elements) or delete it.

If I click on the text, I can edit that easily by font style, size, etc.Here I have edited it and enlarged it.

The only other piece I need to add is the deal. If I check out the text options, I can add some more text or text graphics. I might want to keep it simpler than than this, but I have added two graphics. I edited the one on the left.

Once I am done, I can play the animation and do any further edits. I can also resize it if I choose. Now I’m ready to download the file.

If I upload to my site here and embed on my post, this is the final graphic:.

A Quick Video

Let’s say you are in a bit of a hurry, and you just need a video with as little prep as possible. I want a square video for a simple post. I have an online store that sells organic baby food. So I look through my designs and I find this one:

Two simple things I’m going to do.

First I’ll change the text:

And since it’s a sale, I am adding a text element here.

And in a matter of just a few minutes I now have this video I can share on a post or somewhere else online.

A Graphic For This Post

As in the last example, I am going to create a graphic for this post. In fact, I will do two of them: one for the header and one that I can use to share on social. This will be a static image and I’ll show you just how simple it is.

I am going back to creating a project and choosing the blog image.

Instead of animations and videos, I have options of photos and backgrounds.

I could also start with a design if I wanted to.

But for my needs, I’m going to be able to do this without a design. First I am going to find a photo for my feature image. This one will do and I can resize it as I need. I have added an effect to it as well.

For this one, I am saving and downloading with the minor editing. As you see here, I have several options of formats to download.

You can see that image in our header above.

Now for the second one. Sometimes for posts, I will have two images. In this case I will do one with a different image and some text.

First I chose a new photo and added an effect again.

Now I want to add some text. But I don’t just want simple text so I’m looking at some of the designs for text. Here is the one I have chosen:

And here is the image finalized after editing the text to fit this post.

Need a design inspiration?

If you are just stuck, or constantly coming up with design ideas isn’t your cup of tea, they also have inspiration for you through templates that you can tweak or rework to your heart’s content. You can peruse them by category.

And by selecting any category, you can see you have several ideas at your fingertips.

Access to Your Projects.

Of course, you can always access your projects, which is particularly helpful if you regularly run certain specials for your online store. You can easily tweak the image, date and prices. You are also able to create folders so you can organize your own images and videos more easily.

Using Your Own Photos and Videos

Of course, having an online store often means doing your own product shots or videos. You can easily upload them into your Crello dashboard and access them for future projects. This way you can use your own brand and add the features that Crello gives you for creating eye-catching graphics and videos.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a ton you can d, as I just touched the surface with these three examples.

And if any of your designs, whether they are for print or online, need a multi-page functionality, for example a brochure or an eBook, it can also be done with Crello.

Also, for social media, image designs that are labeled such as Pinterest Graphic, Instagram Story, Facebook post, etc, are sized according to that platform’s standards.

Having blogged for years and created and designed marketing materials for businesses, I can honestly say that this is powerful tool to add to your resources. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

If you want to get a feel for it, all static templates and objects come with a free membership. But I would suggest if you want to really make use of it, the Pro package is the way to go. And if you need extra photos beyond what they have for free, they only cost .99 each.

You can learn more about Crello by visiting their site.