How to Easily Generate PDF Invoice and Packing Slips for WooCommerce

There may come a time when a customer requests an invoice for a product or service they bought from you. Maybe no one has ever requested one. Or perhaps, you already have something in place.

For quite some time, a few of the things I sold on my site didn’t require an invoice, nor did anyone request one. Except on the rare occasion. But over time, it started happening a bit more, but not enough for me to warrant some complex system. So I continued to do them in another program and send them out as needed. Finally I grew tired of creating them and looked for a simple fix.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Plugin

Since this wasn’t a complex matter, I started searching for a free plugin that would take the info they submitted with their order and generate a simple invoice that would be automatically sent to them. Then I found the WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slip plugin.

It had just enough features to meet my needs.

General Settings

As you can see, there are some basic settings to let you control how to view it, see which WooCommerce emails you want to attach it to, and how to disable free products, as well as  a couple of Interface options.

settings for WooCommerce PDF invoices

PDF Template Settings

There are several options here as far as what you want to display on the invoice, including being able to upload your logo. The Extra template fields is only available if you purchase the premium version that includes a couple of additional templates. Also, if you know what you are doing you can create and customize your own template via the file if you are into that kind of thing. But for my use, I needed something basic and the default template worked just fine.

settings for WooCommerce PDF invoices

Status Settings

Lastly, there are three options here, as well as a bunch of information that may help you with  debugging issues you might have.

status for invoice plugin


The Final Invoice

Once an order has been placed, and depending on what emails you have attached it to, you and your customer will get a PDF that looks like this.

generated invoice

And if you ever need to download the invoice or packing slip again, you will find icons for that in your Order List under Actions.

option to download

So if you are looking for simple invoices and/or packing slips to generate with your WooCommerce orders, the free version works great. But as I mentioned, you can always check out their premium version if you are looking for more features.

Customer Shipment Tracking

How would you like your customers to be able to track the shipping on their orders? Check out our post where you can learn more about that.

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