How to Easily Skip the WooCommerce Cart and Go Straight to Checkout

It’s a situation that comes up a lot. This solution works primarily with sites that sell products or services that are normally bought as a single purchase.

An example of this would be a membership site. Say you have a single offer through your membership. The options are monthly and yearly. No one is going to buy both and add them to the cart. So it”s easier if you can send them directly from the product to checkout.

The cool thing about this plugin is you can have it replace the add-to-cart, or present it as an additional option for your customers either below or above the add-to-cart button.

Add A Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce

I’m sure that some people would prefer to just code this in. Well, go for it. But for many, an extension makes it simpler and can add more options. This is where the Quick Buy Button for WooCommerce comes into play.

Global Settings

As with a lot of WooCommerce extensions, you can set your parameters globally, and override these settings per product as well.

General Settings

Here you can toggle it to replace the add-to-cart button, or if you leave it unchecked, it will appear in addition to the add-to-cart button. Also, you can select specific categories or products. You can also redirect to the cart page, checkout page, or a custom page.

I have selected the custom page that allows me to put in a URL. This would work well if you were sending people to another site, such as Amazon, to purchase the product.

Lastly, you are able to add a minimum quantity for the quick buy cart button as well.

Button Settings

Here you can change the button label and assign it as the plugin or theme style. You can toggle it off and on, on both the product page and the shop page as well as place above or below the add-to-cart button if you have opted into leaving that visible.

Settings Per Product

You have some of the same settings on your product page that can override your global settings.

And if you have it set globally, you can toggle it off here for a specific product as well.

You can see that I have chosen to replace the add-to-cart button.

A very useful extension that does one thing, and does it well. Check out the Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce here.