How to Extend and Customize Your WooCommerce Shipping

Let’s face it. Shipping is no easy task when it comes to your online store. There are many decisions you have to make to even get started with the products you have. WooCommerce has built-in options that help you get connected more easily, but there are those times when you need to fine-tune it a bit more.

WooCommerce Shipping Tips

There are the basics of shipping that you first need to wrap your brain around. After that, you will find that you need even more fine-tuned functionality. Here is a collection of posts I have on the site here that will help you with some of your specific needs when it comes to having more control over your shipping.

Using Conditional Logic to Hide the Shipping Options and Methods

As you offer more and more products, each with their own limitations around size, geography or user criteria, setting up your shipping on your WooCommerce store can easily become a maze. Having the option to hide based on several conditions can make life easier.

The Hide Shipping Methods for WooCommerce works with the shipping methods that come with both WooCommerce by default and any premium WooCommerce product, both by Woo and third-parties. Read more about this extension on this post.

Shipping Restrictions at Checkout

There are a lot of options that come with shipping. And often you need to create restrictions based on various criteria. You can learn how to have more control over your checkout page by using conditional logic and restricting shipping by country and state. This post shows you how to do that as well as restrict the payment methods at checkout.

Using Roles to Limit Shipping Options

You might just need to have restrictions for roles. Think about this. Maybe you have vendors to which you need to only offer specific shipping options. Or maybe you have other restrictions that you need to put in place. This extension does that as well as doing the same for payment methods.

Shipping Products to Multiple Locations

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a customer on your WooCommerce online store wanted to order several products in one single order, but ship them to different locations?

An example would be someone working on their Christmas list. They find your site and several items pop out at them as perfect gifts. But heck, if they want to send those shoes to Uncle Joe, that cool hat to mom and that great bag to their sister, we are talking three separate orders unless they want to ship them all to themself and then ship them out again. Read this post to learn how you can do that.

Offer Shipping Estimates to Your Customers

For a customer to order something online and discover the shipping costs were much higher than what showed on your order page, well, surprises like that for your customers are not a fun thing. They may not return and in that case, you have lost a customer. In this post I will show you how you can add an estimated range of days on both cart and checkout.

Generate a Packing List for Orders

Being able to generate a packing list for orders with multiple items will help you streamline your fulfillment process. Doing so ensures accuracy as the list can be rechecked for final packing. You can see how this extension provides this as well as an invoice for customer orders.

Add Shipping Tracking to Emails and Order Pages

This adds a tracking number to the email or a link under orders in their account page. You can see how to do that here.