How To Improve Your Customer’s WooCommerce Account Page

Your customer’s account page on your WooCommerce store offers a central point where they can easily access their order history and other options. Making it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for is critical.

By default, many plugins and extensions add a field in the accounts page so customers can access specific purchases such as subscriptions. But there are many plugins that further enhance the account page whether for a specific product type or other important information.

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Account Page

These five extensions will help you fill your customer needs. Each one is linked to a post on my site where you can learn more about it.

Give Your Customers the Option to Bulk Download

If you sell a lot of downloadable products, such as music or ebooks, giving your customer the option to bulk download them instead of having to do them one by one will save them time. This extension creates a zipped file and a simple one-click download. It could be used for products bought as well as other bonuses you might wish to add to your customers’ accounts. Read this post.

Add a Buy Again Button in Your Customer’s Account

You might see customers buying the same product again and again. Sure, they can go into their account and find the link and go through the process again. Save them a step and use this extension to add a buy again button in their account. Check out the post.

Give Your Customers Access to an Invoice of the Order

I’m not sure if you have had people ask you for this, but I know I have. They request an invoice as the order email doesn’t work with the payment process on their end. Often they want it emailed so they can forward it on or print it out themselves. This plugin makes it easy to create an invoice automatically and make it available for them to view and print in their account page. You can see how that works as well as the packing list option.

Add Customized Tabs to Your Customer’s Account Page

This extension gives you a lot of flexibility. It’s a perfect place to add any other documentation, links or other content you might want your customers to have at their fingertips. It simply creates new tabs on the account page where you will add additional content. You can see the post here.

Turn Account Pages Into Customer Profiles

This takes account pages beyond the standard WooCommerce option. The ProfileGrid plugin lets you fine-tune your customer profiles based on your store and what you sell. If you are looking to create more customer engagement, this could be the option for you. To see how creative you can get, check out the full post here.

If you are looking to go even further with your customer profiles, you can create a customer community similar to Facebook with Peepso.