How to Increase or Limit the Max Upload Size on Your WooCommerce Site

WordPress by default has a max upload size for files. This can often be changed with your host. But here is an easier way.

Consider this. With WooCommerce, you can sell downloads. But if you just have a handful and are wanting to store them on your site vs. an external storage—such as Dropbox, Amazon S3,— you may be exceeding your set limit on your WordPress site.

On the other hand if you have a team that works on your site, you may want to limit the size of files that can be uploaded. Often large files cause performance and bandwidth issues that you may want to control. This could be very helpful with your product images.

Either way, you want to do this right and not slow down your site.

The Max Upload Size Extension for WooCommerce

There is no rocket science to this one. Simply enter the number for file size here, whether you are increasing or decreasing your current default size.

set maximum or minimum upload

That’s it. Just remember, if you are doing a lot of downloads from your site I would suggest that you store those externally. But if you need to increase it for just a few downloads, the Max Upload Size extension could come in handy.