How to Install Your WooCommerce Store on Your Computer for Testing, Demos, Training and Site Building

Several years ago when I was designing WordPress sites, I discovered DesktopServer from ServerPress. This tool lets you create a local installation of a WooCommerce store running on WordPress, which allowed me to build a site locally vs. having to build it live on my hosting. Then when I was finished, I could move it to my hosting.

That latter piece, described as Easy Live Site Deployment in their premium version, is a great option for designers and developers. And there is a plugin that will help you make this deployment even easier. I’m not going to be walking you through that because they have excellent documentation on their site to help you with that.

I discovered, after using DesktopServer, that it was ideal for creating a local install that I could use for demos and testing eCommerce builds. It was also perfect for when I was doing workshops and presenting at WordCamps live demonstrations because I didn’t always need to depend on the venue’s wifi.

A bit ago,  they came out with an even more robust version while keeping it easy to use.

Now I would like to show you just how easy it is to install that new local WordPress environment.

Using DesktopServer for Local WordPress Installs

After you have installed it on your computer, when you first run it, you will get this screen:

If you are a developer, you have a few optional tools to enable. In my case, to make this run the way I want it to, I keep the “yes” toggled on the two services.

It takes a few seconds to create the database services and lets you know when that is done:

At this point, the software gives you three choices. For this post, we are going with number 3 and creating a new WordPress development site:

I simply give it a site name, the blueprint chosen as the latest version of WordPress, and where I want it to reside on my computer:

And after a few seconds, I have my new install:

Now I get a link to finish the setup:

Clicking on that link, we will be finalizing the WordPress install via your browser.

And fill out the WordPress basics.

Now it’s time to login to your new local site:

And we are now in our new WordPress site that is locally installed on my computer:

A note for those of you who are new to local installs of WordPress. This does not mean you can save money and run your WooCommerce store on your computer vs. using a host. Sure, there are no doubt smart people who figure out how to run their own hosting server, but in reality, that isn’t the case for most WooCommerce sites.

There is much more to DesktopServer than I have shown. If you are like me, this can come in very handy for that extra site that you might need for demonstrating or recording that video tutorial. And if you are a designer or developer, well, you already know how important a tool like this is for you.

They have a free option that gives you some basics, but overall, I would suggest you check out their premium service, peruse the site and learn more about how DesktopServer may just be that tool you have been looking for.

Syncing Your Product Content

ServerPress also has the WPSiteSync plugin. And with the WooCommerce extension, you are able to easily update and push new products from your local install of DesktopServer to your live site. See our post on that here.