How to Let Customers Calculate the Cost of Products Based on Measurements in WooCommerce

If you sell any kind of product that is based on quantities and measurements, you want to make it easy for customers to know what it’s going to cost them. Think of carpeting or tile for floors when it comes to square footage. Or any other product that is sold based on their size, such as dimensions, weight or volume.

But it does even more than that. It lets the customer find out an estimate of how much they might need. This is done with by allowing the customer to add in the measurements to the calculator. It saves them time and makes a potential purchase more likely.

Let Customers Add Their Own Measurements to Calculate Their Purchase

The Measurement Price Calculator extension has a ton of features that allow this to work for just about any of your store’s needs.

After installing the extension, set the default units depending on your products under Settings > Products > General > Measurements.

Here are the available units in each option.

Weight Unit

area units

Dimensions Unit

dimension units

Area Unit

Volume Units

volume unit

There are two ways to use this calculator extension.

When you are on your product page, there is now a tab for measurement that lets you refine the configuration.

Quantity-Based and User-defined Calculator

Quantity-based is used when your product has a set measurement. This could be decorative bricks. They will be able able to add the length and width of the area and then will be given the number of bricks they would need to purchase.

User-defined is where the user will add the dimensions of the area that they need and it will calculate the quantity the customer should order. You can see how this works in this example.

Configuring the User-defined Calculator on Your Product Page

Here we are selling River Sand. In the measurement we will use the volume, length, width and height. You can see all the other choices here, as well as a special one for Room Walls.

The next options will depend on what I chose for my measurement. You can see everything here, including the price on the front-end.

In addition, I can choose whether to allow the customer to put in any unit number or a limited input. I can also set minimums and maximums on each measurement.

Once I have set that up, I can put in my price per square foot as well as set a maximum price.

And if you are shipping you will add that as well, specific to your product.

Looking at the product and adding the custom area I need the sand for, I can see what it is going to cost me.

To give you another look at how this works, here are the settings for Room Walls, for something like wallpaper.

More Features

You can use other features based on how you have this extension set up:

  • Inventory support
  • Dynamic weight
  • Pricing tables
  • Variable product support

As you can see, this extension will handle just about any calculation you need on certain products. Check out the Measurement Price Calculator extension here to learn more of what it can do and give your customers even a better purchasing experience.