How To Limit Payment and Shipping Options for Roles in WooCommerce

This is one of the extensions I have written about that store owners can really get creative with. It has the ability to limit shipping methods and payment options based on what role is assigned to the person.

This could be used internally or externally, such as with vendors. You could even create roles using a plugin.

You can do all this with the WooCommerce Role-Based Shipping/Payment Methods extension.

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Limiting Roles with Shipping and Payment Methods

This easy-to-use extension takes little configuration. Once it is installed and activated, you will find the Role Based Methods settings allow you to simply toggle the options off and on that you have activated for any role. The number and kind of roles will also depend on what other plugins or extensions you may be using.

For example, here I have direct bank transfer, check payments and PayPal available as payment options.

And similarly, depending on what shipping options you have set up, you can do the same here.

This would be normally what anyone would see at checkout when it comes to payment options.

But if I didn’t want to offer PayPal to my vendors, then this is what they would see when they are logged into their account at checkout.

It’s that simple.

If you have a need that fits this kind of control over who uses which payment and/or shipping options In your WooCommerce store, then you should check out the Role-Based Shipping/Payment Methods extension.

Need to Do the Same Thing for Country and State Restrictions?

If you are looking for an extension that does this same kind of thing at checkout, but based on the country or state of your customers, check out this post.

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