How to Ramp Up Your WooCommerce Reviews with Wiremo

How many times have you left a review on a product?

How many times have you based your purchasing decision on other buyers’ reviews?

I am guessing most people have done both frequently, which is why making your product reviews powerful—and easy—is critical to the success of your online store. WooCommerce has a nice default system in place, but there is much more you could do. That is where Wiremo comes in.

What Is Wiremo?

Wiremo is a fully customizable, multi-language widget for your customers’ reviews. And it’s SEO-friendly to help you show up more in Google searches. That’s just a few of the options this WordPress plugin brings your way.

Before I activated Wiremo, this is what the testimonials looked like. (I’m using the Storefront theme.)

default WooCommerce review

Now here is the same page with Wiremo installed. There are some significant differences, and you can see that one review has yet to be published, but is visible to both the person who left the review and to you, the site admin.

wiremo review on woocommerce

The beauty of this plugin is the control you have over what the review area displays. The screenshot above is based on the setting after I installed and activated the plugin.

Let’s Dive Into Wiremo

Wiremo has a 14-day free trial, with a free version and a feature-packed premium version. Once you have set up your account at Wiremo you will need to connect your site to it. Once you have activated, you will find your WooCommerce settings for Wiremo. I disabled the default WooCommerce reviews, enabled Wiremo and did a sync and import.

You have several options for what you want to show and where you will show it. The rating stars and the reviews themselves can be either in the default area of the tab or in the footer. The first screenshot showed them in the tab, but here’s what they look like in the footer:

wiremo woocommerce testimonials in the footer

The options you have on each review are impressive. Anyone can “like” your review or share them on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Wiremo takes reviews even further because they are not merely stand-alone reviews, but a conversation. As with comments on a blog, people can reply to reviews.

And you get a nice, nested reply when you start a conversation:

nested reply in wiremo

Now let’s slip over to our account at Wiremo. This is where we find the real power behind this plugin.

Wiremo Dashboard

Here you get a birds-eye view of everything you have going on with your reviews. You can filter those per product as well.

overview dashboard wiremo

Wiremo Reviews

An easy list to view and edit all of your reviews and, again, filter them per product. And with each review, you have some more options.

reviews wiremo

Wiremo Conversations

By using conversations, you can contact your customers privately to help them or ask them something based on their review. This is an interesting addition and can help build that relationship with your customers.

conversations wiremo

Wiremo Customizations

I showed you a bit via the dashboard on your WordPress site, but there are even more extensive customizations for the app configuration and the app design.

There are some settings here for the widget itself:  for adding additional information to the widget, a few activations and control of the number of reviews per view.

customizations app configurations wiremo

The app design has several styling options that you can view as you make them. This is a nice touch, particularly if you want to tweak the colors even more. For example, often button colors are default throughout a theme based on its styling, or even the widget area itself. But this way you can change all of that easily to make it stand out more.

app design customizations Wiremo

Wiremo Campaigns

One of the most time-consuming tasks can be reaching out to your customers and asking them if they would give you a review for a product they purchased. That’s where this cool feature comes in.

First you need to create a segment and give it an appropriate name.

create a segment in wiremo

Then you will import those customers via CSV:

import customers via cvs

Or import them manually, one by one:

add customers manually

Once you have done that, you will create the campaign.

name campaign in wiremo

Next, you select from you segments that you have created.

select segment for your wiremo campaign

Now you will create the email. You have some nice options here for customizing the email to make sure you are sending a well worded, nicely formatted request to your customer.

create custom email for wiremo campaign

After saving the email, your final step is to add the URL of the product page you want them to leave a review on.

Lastly, you have the option to leave it alone, send it now, or schedule it for a future day and time.

send or schedule wiremo campaign

After it has been sent out, you can pause the campaign at any time, see the statistics for it, and monitor the feed actions to see who has opened it.

campaign statistics in wiremo

Wiremo Triggers

This is another interesting feature. It’s broken into two triggers:

triggers in wiremo

The Open Pop-up lets you create a thank you-message based on a review. The open conversation starts a private conversation with the customer. Examples shown were perfect for both.

The Open-Pop: if someone leaves a 5-star review and you want to give them a nice thank-you message. Conversely, a conversation can be opened if someone leaves a 1-star review so you can ask them more about why they were so disappointed in your product. The personalized approach on both can truly make a difference.

Open Pop-up Trigger

Again, the pop-up option would be good for positive reinforcement. Here you can choose the number of stars it would be based on, your message and a place if you want to direct them to a page and URL.

trigger open pop up in wiremo

Open Conversation Trigger

Useful for just about any rated review, this allows you to send a private message. On the positive side of things, instead of the pop-up, instead they get a private email from you thanking them. On the opposite end, if it was a 1-star rating, you can follow-up to see if you can help them further. This would be really good in the case of support reviews.

You also have attributes, as you did in the pop-up, for personalization.

trigger private conversation wiremo

Wiremo Carousels

Although sliders are often frowned upon for sites, a carousel for your reviews can add a nice touch. The problem  is that most carousels are built-in testimonial features based on your theme. But when you integrate it into all your reviews through this plugin, you have much more flexibility.

First, you will select the design or the number of reviews that are visible on the page. (You have the options of 1-4, with three choices for templates.)

carousels choose design wiremo

Then you will choose your settings, which include:

  • The number of reviews you want to display in the carousel
  • The transition choice: slide, fade, or fade and slide
  • The star rating numbers you want to filter for this specific carousel
  • Sorting by ascendent or descendent
  • Which page you want it on. (It will list all of your products.)
  • The option for an auto-slide
carousel settings wiremo

You can adjust the design for each element: color, fonts, etc. You can see them in these screenshots:

adjust design wiremo 1
adjust design 2

Lastly, you will be given some code to insert.

code to insert carousel

Since I don’t actually have enough reviews to show you on my demo site, here is a screenshot from Wiremo to show you what the final carousel will look like:

Circling back to the importance of reviews on your WooCommerce online store, one thing is certain. Having control over how people leave reviews, how reviews are displayed, and how you offer interactions to grow you conversions, will  positively impact your online shop’s success. To learn more, check out

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