How to Remove the Billing Address Fields for Free Virtual Products with WooCommerce

When you create a virtual product in WooCommerce, the shipping option is removed, but for billing reasons, the customer is required to fill out their address.

Now if you offer a free virtual product or someone uses a coupon code to purchase a virtual product and the checkout total is $0, they are still required to put in a billing address. Which is unneeded and requires more effort from the customer. You want to make this process as easy as possible.

The Remove WooCommerce Billing Address Fields for Free Checkout Plugin

This free plugin, as with so many, does one thing and does it well. All you have to do is simply install the plugin and activate.

It’s really simple to use with no options.

So without the plugin this is what checkout looks like if I have a $0 balance.

default checkout page for virtual producsts

With the plugin activated, now the process becomes much simpler for the customer.

billing address fields removed from virtual product

Now if you need something that gives you more options, there are plenty of plugins that will customize the checkout page. But for something as specific as removing the billing address fields, the Remove WooCommerce Billing Address Fields for Free Checkout is your answer.

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