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How to Sell Your Services with WooCommerce


The product types that come in the WooCommerce core can all be used to sell your services as well. It could be consulting, hairstyling, workshops, or just about any other service you can envision selling through your website.

The technical basic are the same as we shared in our post: Selling Products Using WooCommerce Product Types. Here I would like to extend that a bit more around specifically the sales of your services.

Steps to Setting up a Simple Service on WooCommerce

The first thing is that there isn’t a place to create a new service. So we will be creating a new product. Secondly, when you choose your product data, again there isn’t an option to choose a service, but instead you will use the Simple product. And to remove shipping settings you will not need with a service, you will click the box Virtual.

woocommerce simple product virtual

That is the main difference in setting up a service to sell on WooCommerce. Otherwise many of the elements you use in selling products will be the same for services. In a nutshell, you will add pricing, inventory, taxes and anything else you want just as you would with a product, including descriptions and short descriptions.

You will also want some image to place as the product image, or technically, the featured image. Since this is a service, you might want to create an eye-catching graphic with perhaps an icon or simple text. Whatever you do, don’t put in a stock image of a person. If appropriate, consider adding your own photo or the person who is providing the service.

Downloadable Services

There is a bit of gray area of how you might use the product option, downloadable. Essentially, services could be downloaded or include downloads. For example, if you were a business coach you may want to add a PDF that potential clients download, fill out and return to you.

Or it could be an add-on purchase. As a social media consultant, you might want to give the option for a new client to purchase your eBook at a discount.

Whatever the case, it would work the same as if you were selling software in some cases.

Selling Hourly Coaching, an Example

As an example, you can see here that I have set up an hourly coaching product on my WooCommerce site. It’s simple. I’ve added the content, the price and an image.

On the site, this is how it looks.

Blocks Make Your Services Easier to Sell and Promote on Pages and Posts

The blocks that come with WooCommerce are perfect for services. Even though you will have a product page dedicated to your services, there might be times that you want to highlight a service in a page or post. The options you have for blocks makes this very versatile for your service offerings.

This can be done by showing a single service or a select group to offer a unique package. This is the blocks you have to choose from.

You can learn more about these blocks here on this post.

Expanding Your Service Options in WooCommerce

The flexibility of WooCommerce is that with the plugins and extensions that are available, you can meet just about any need you would have selling your services. Using the previous example, here are some ways to extend the functionality.

Optional Add-on Services

There may be other smaller services or options you want to give your clients as an add-on to a service they are purchasing. Adding additional services is easy with the WooCommerce Add-ons extension. You can learn more about it on our blog here.

Let’s say we want to expand this to offer a few hourly packages. On the product page settings, once the extension is added, you will get these options. I have created a list of added options for a 3-hour, 5-hour and 10-hour package. The amount is added to the base of the one hour fee.

add ons created for hourly packages

On the product page, I now have these options. If I chose the 10-hour package, this is what it would look like.

I could have simply have them use the quantity option if they were interested in multiple hours, but I wanted to give them a discount on it.

Adding another option

We could take this a step further and do an upsell by adding a couple of other options. Here I give the chance to add a review of their content.

And a video recording of each session.

As you can see, I have chosen the 10-hour package, the review and all 10 hours recorded.

all options added to total price

The great thing about add-ons is that it also gives you the option to add fields to get needed information or files from your customer or client. As you can see, there is a upload type and text fields as well.

As you can see, the Add-Ons extension is extremely versatile.

Bookings and Appointments

If you are selling time slots, such as bookings or appointments, there are several options out there that will let you easily integrate add a booking feature to your WooCommerce site and your services. This can be as simple as booking consulting times, other professional appointment management or even lodging or some other service.

If you have very few slots and they are specific and easy to change, you could use the Gravity Forms extension for WooCommerce to list dates available.

Of you can get more elaborate by using an extension like the WooCommerce Booking extension to get even more control over your bookings and to add automation as well.

Additional Information or Forms

There may also be the need to ask for additional information. This can be done a couple of ways. For example, if you use Gravity Forms, as I have already mentioned, WooCommerce has an extension where you can easily add and require additional information. It could be as simple as a multiple choice. For example, on the package above I may want to know if you are a a beginner WordPress user or an experienced WordPress user. Learn about the Gravity Forms Add-ons extension on this post.

Grouped and Variable Products

Depending on your needs, don’t forget the built-in WooCommerce options for grouped and variable products. It’s a great way to group a few options for your clients to choose from. Likely you will only need to use Grouped products, but Variable has come in handy in a few instances for myself. A good example of this is if you offered three packages based on the time, say, a 2-hour, 3-hour and 6-hour coaching package. They would be able to make that choice from one single service page offering.

Promotions and Deals

WooCommerce has numerous ways of promoting your services through coupons and other offerings that you might want to occasionally offer. If you visit our post on coupons, you can learn more there.

In addition, these kinds of promotions go even beyond coupons. For example, you might want to redirect them to another page after they have purchased your service. This could be another service you want to offer them exclusively. Or maybe more information on what they have just purchased. Or heck, even a nice thank you page.

You can also see all the ways to promote your services through the extensions that work for all product types here.

As you can see there are endless, creative ways to sell your services with WooCommerce. I’ve only touched the surface here but hopefully this will help helps you in your decision making.

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    I am using woocommerce for my website since last year and I noticed woocommerce is the best platfrom to run a e-commerce website beause it’s easy to use. Thanks BobWP for this inforamtional post. Some poitns mentioned in this post are too unique for me and but some points i had already known. Overall it’s amaizg informational post (espically for new e-commerce site operators)………………..

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