How To Set Up Grouped Products in WooCommerce

What Are Grouped Products in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has the option for Grouped Products,  a collection of related products that are displayed together that can be purchased separately as well, with slight variations in the product appearance or specs. An example of this would be if you had a piece of hardware, like an external hard drive, with different sizes of storage space.

Creating a Grouped Product in WooCommerce

Grouped Products are one of the four types of products WooCommerce lets you create.

In order to create a Grouped product, you have to have created one of the other three types of products: Simple Product, External/Affiliate Product or Variable Product. With any combination of these you can create a Grouped Product. Just add a new product and choose the Grouped Product from your Product Data.

grouped product in woocommerce

Adding  Products to Your Grouped Product

Go to the Linked Products tab and type in the names of the simple products you want to add to the grouped product.

wc grouped products 6:18

Ordering Your Grouped Products

You will likely want to have them in a particular order on the front end. This is easy to do. Once you have added them, just drag and drop.

Attributes With Your Grouped Products

With any product, you can create attributes. They are commonly used with Variable Products. An attribute is really a taxonomy, like categories, where you can assign them to a product. An example of common attributes would be clothing as the product, and size and color as attributes. Again, you can add these to your Grouped Products.

grouped product attributes

As with attributes, the settings under Advanced are the same for all kinds of products and are not specific to Grouped Products.

This is what you will see on your site with your Grouped Products.

grouped product page

Use These Extensions to Get Creative with Grouped Products

The built-in option to create Grouped Products will cover most needs. But in case you want to go a step further, here are some ideas beyond the basics.

Create and Customize WooCommerce Product Bundles or Boxes

Do you lime to bundle some of your products in your WooCommerce shop? Even better, would you like to give your customers the option to create their own bundles?

Think of it this way. When you go to a salt water taffy shop, they often let you choose what to put in your sack. There’s nothing worse than getting a few of those licorice taffies when you cannot stand the taste of them, right?  Imagine giving your customers the same options in your online store. Check out the post here on Customizing Product Boxes for WooCommerce.

Customize Your Grouped Bundles and Sell More

By offering pre-selected or customizable bundles at discounts, you can get more sales. This extension lets you quickly build complex products or create simple discounts by mixing simple and variable products. Subscriptions and downloadable/virtual products are also supported. You can learn more about this extension here.

Offer Product Kits Customized by Your Customers

Do you have products that you would like your customers to build themselves through kits? The Composite Products extension allows you to create complex, configurable product kits that customers can build for their own personalized versions. Examples of this may be kits made up of multiple components such as skateboards, custom computers, made-to-order jewelry or gift boxes. Learn more about it here.

Mix and Match Products

This is a different approach as you are creating what is called a product container and adding simple and variable products to it. There is no limit. The products can then be shipped together in a package or separately, as well as available for pick-up. An example would be if you are  selling a variety, say, 15 muffins. The customer gets the final choice of which ones and how many. You can learn more about it here.

Chained Products

This is just what it says. You can chain additional products such as simple/downloadable and variations to a main product. They are visible and listed on the main product. When the main product is added to the cart, the chained products are automatically added with zero cost, which makes them free if someone buys the main product. Of course, they can be purchased separately as well.

Essentially the customer only pays the price of the main product. Let’s take the example I did for the Grouped Products above. We could sell the Rode Podcaster mic and add the shockmount for free. An incentive for your customer to get a free accessory (or if you want a reduced price for both) with this extension.

Force Sells

This option shows products on the main product page as linked. They are added simultaneously to the cart, thus the name Force Sells. They do not allow the customer to remove them. An example of this could be a service, like adding RAM to a Mac. They purchase it as a service, and the memory upgrade kit is automatically added. You can learn more about Force Sells here on our post.

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