How to Use Brand Names on Your WooCommerce Store

As your store grows larger, you may carry several name brands of products. For a lot of shoppers, this greatly affects their decision making. So why not make it available and easier for the customer?

You might be thinking that you could do this just as well with categories. But there are several downsides to this, including finding easy ways to share those brands and the fact that they will get all mixed up with your regular product categories. Neither are good.

Creating and Listing Brand Products on Your WooCommerce Site

The WooCommerce Brands extension gives you the control to add brands as a navigation feature to your store.

Although they are not part of your categories, under Product > Brands, you can able to add any brands. just as you would a category.

As you add products, you will assign the brand as you would a category:

Once you have your brands set up, you can start displaying them on your store. Note: some of the displays require inserting a shortcode.

Displaying an Indexed List on a Page

Here you get an indexed list to add to any page. How this displays will depend on your theme. It is done by adding a shortcode to the page:

Display Logo on Product Page

You can display the logo on any single product page by adding a shortcode. For example, in this one I added it to the products short description:

If you want to add them to all the products, you can find the code on the product’s documentation page and add it to your child themes functions.php file.

Depending on your theme, this may work differently. For example, with the Storefront theme, I didn’t need to add the shortcode because the logo was automatically added on each of the product pages.

Widgets to Display the Brands

There are three widgets, two of which I will show you now.

WooCommerce Brand Layered Nav Widget

This will display the brand names and the number of products under the brand. You can display it in a list or a dropdown.

On the shop page, it shows all the brands:

And on the category archive it will only show the brands that are listed in the category.

WooCommerce Brand Thumbnails Widget

This displays the logos similarly to the way the previous widget displays the lists. You can control the number of columns (which, depending on your widget area, are: width (how big the logo will display), how many you want to display, exclusion of any brands, hiding brands that have no products, and the ordering.

And this is how they are displayed:

The Brand Category Page

When the logo is displayed, whether on the product page, in a list or in a another widget, if you click on it, you will be taken to the the brand page, where the description of the brand will be displayed, as well as all of the products.

You will also note that on this page you can add a third widget, called the Brand Description. Although this seems a little redundant, it might work best if it was on the sidebar down a ways.

There are some other shortcodes that let you to do a few more things with this extension included in the documentation.

The only other point I’d like to make is, obviously, if you are a reseller, you know the terms that apply to the companies’ products. But if you haven’t displayed any logos before, I would double check the terms to make sure you don’t infringe on any copyrights.

So that’s it. Another option for your customers to find the right product they are shopping for. Check out the WooCommerce Brands extension here.