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I Once Updated a Site with 100 Plugins Activated – A Bit of History

I had this post over on Do the Woo and felt it needed to come back home to BobWP.

So without further ado….

Back when WordPress 4.0 came out I did an experiment. I installed and activated 100 plugins on two test sites, including WooCommerce. I did this primarily so see if I could get away with a one-click update without getting the white screen of death.

It was an old post, and had since been deleted. Maybe because I didn’t want to encourage anyone to actually do this. But whatever the case, in fall of last year two of my good friends on Twitter asked me about this deleted post.

Matt from GiveWP pinged me…

Well, Jeff found this…

But of course Matt was disappointed….

At that time I searched on my backup drive and lo and behold, yes, I did save all those videos. I posted here, on my older and everyone, at least the two of them, were happy. Since then I had updated and deleted all those olds posts. And like a bad penny, it’s back.

One note I should make. I did not go through in the end and see if all 100 were completely functional. My test was simply to see if the look of the site would change much or if I would get the dreaded white screen of death.

It’s short.. so take a step back in time and see if the entire universe exploded or not.

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