How to Show Targeted Messages to Increase Conversions on Your WooCommerce Site

There are three great ways to help boost revenue on your WooCommerce store: getting control over cart abandonment, displaying instant upsells, and creating targeting cross-sells.

The key is to do it at the right time. Way too many stores fail by using large popups that appear at the wrong time and cover the entire screen.

The Ahoy! plugin may be just what you are looking for.

Flexible Targeting Options for any Customer Using Ahoy!

The power behind this plugin is conditional logic, which gives you the ability to fine-tune those actions and make sure the message pops up at the perfect time. More on this later in the post.

Ahoy! Default Settings

You default settings give you a chance to set styling around headers, the avatar, headlines, body and the call-to-action. These will be used by default, but you will be able to override them as you create your custom messages.

Analytic Settings

You have the option to disable a couple of things through the plugins options and enable Google Analytics as well.

Creating a Message in Ahoy!

It’s always a joy when I see a plugin that offers options that don’t involve rocket-science. Creating the message is pretty straight-forward but with the control you need over the its look and display.

First off, you will use the an editor window to create the message, with all the familiar tools within your reach. And there is a place to title the message for your own reference and also add a headline for the message that appears.

You will get a quick view of the analytics on the right side, with the option to click through to more detailed reports.

You also have an option to add an image to your message and crop it as well.

Message Settings

Here is where you will find all the good stuff to create and control your message.

General and Sound Settings

You start with choosing from a couple of layout styles. Then you can set the number of times a user will see the message and any time delay you want.

Next, you will set the scrolling trigger. This is important as it gives you quite a bit of fine tuning. I know that I am frustrated when I need to scroll and the slightest movement shoots a message up.

If you toggle it on, your first choice is to set it by distance.

Or you can set it by the display of an element. Here you get the option of a shortcode to place in the page for a trigger point, or by CSS trigger selector.

Sounds – if you want to use a sound for your message, you can add a url to either an .mp3 or .wav file.

Header Settings

You have a couple of options for the message’s header.

First, displaying an avatar and name, which, of course, gives a more personal touch.

Or there might be a scenario where a custom header and sub-header text would be more appropriate.


When I showed you the settings, you were able to set the appearance globally. As I mentioned, you can do this for each specific message for the header, body, call to action and headline.


The options for call-to-action add to the power of this plugin. These all relate to the solutions that it brings to your store around cart abandonment, instant upsells and targeting cross-sells. Let me show you the options for each one:

Link and Button – both of these are your common call-to-actions links.

button call to action

Custom Content – instead of linking out, this allows you to have the person click the Call-to-Action and, instead, a message appears within the box.

custom content call to action

Add Item to Cart – a great way to upsell or cross-sell with additional settings, including replacing what is in the cart, or redirecting to the cart or checkout page.

add to cart call to action

Apply Discount – this takes an existing coupon you have in WooCommerce and lets you use it via your message. This happens automatically, so no need for your customer to have to add a code.

apply discount call to action

Add Item to Cart + Apply Discount – obviously, this combines the last two call-to-actions, making it even easier for the customer.


Conditions, or better known as conditional logic, adds another layer to your control over where the message appears. As you can see, there are numerous conditions you can choose from to get exactly what you need.

message display conditions

There are so many variables that the beauty of this feature is the control of the display. For example, here I have chosen three products that have to be in the cart, only if a existing registered customer is logged in.

condition example 1

In this example, if I were to give a discount, the items have to be in either the microphone or microphone accessories category and a minimum of $100 total in the cart.

conditions example 2

With conditions, your options are numerous, so you get the exact display that you want.


You can override some specific Google Analytics labels and info.


And of course, you can schedule your messages as needed.

scheduling messages

It would be impossible to show you all the ways that you can use Ahoy!, but here is how it looks with a simple call-to-action.

I have set it to give customers a 50% discount on a boom arm for select microphones. Of course, this wouldn’t include tabletop microphones. As a result I have set it to show only on those product pages. If they click the button they will be taken to that product page. I could have also chosen to just add it to their cart, and worded the CTA to reflect that.

The image in the message was added in the message itself and not as the message image. I did this because I wanted to place it in a specific spot.

on product page the cta

Ahoy! A Great Way to Increase Conversions

As you can see, the sky is the limit with this plugin. Just think of all the ways you could use it:

  • Solve Cart Abandonment
  • Create Upsells & Cross-sells
  • Highlight Product Promotions
  • Generate Lead Captures
  • Share Announcements
  • Get User/Customer Feedback
  • Offer Easy Ways to Contact You
  • Ask for Likes and Follows on Social Media
  • Grow Mailing Lists

The real power behind a plugin like Ahoy! is the refined control you have over where your message appears— and when.

Setting up your messages is extremely easy and I found the process to be quite simple. Learn more about this plugin here.