It’s Time for WooCommerce 4.0 Beta Testing

Following a release comes the traditional beta testing for the next version of WooCommerce.

It’s really a great opportunity for you. First you will need to go here to fill out the registration/survey.

This doesn’t cost you a cent, and it works like this. WooCommerce will:

  • Make a backup of your site.
  • Upgrade the staging site to WooCommerce 4.0.
  • Do testing for issues.
  • Send detailed list of the results including problem, compatibility issues or any other suggestions they may have.

If there are issues discovered, the WooCommerce developers will help to resolve them. If those issues are around third-party themes or extensions, they will make some recommendations that you can pass on.

Not only do you get this white-glove service free, you will also be rewarded with a $200 coupon.

All testing will be done Feb. 4-18, 2020.

You will find the registration here.

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