I’ve Been a WooCommerce Guy Since Day One

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This week, you may have noticed a lot of WooCommerce on my site and my social shares. More so than usual. They’ve been pretty much been everywhere, all the time.

The reason? I’ll be spending a good part of this week immersed in some form of WooCommerce via WooConf. In fact, as you read this, chances are that is where I am. I announced my #WeekofWoo last Sunday, with a day-by-day play of what I would be doing in the Woo world.

So what’s up with this Woo thing, Bob?

It goes all the way back to April 25, 2009, when I bought my first Woo theme.  In fact, I bought two Woo themes. Seven months later, I purchased three more. This was about a year after I had started using WordPress and I never looked back.

Because of the experience I had with WooThemes, when they released WooCommerce in 2011, I was intrigued. I installed it. I played with it. I thought Mmmmm, this just might be something.

And it was.

Since then, WooCommerce has always been a part of BobWP in one way or another. And I’ve sold a lot of different stuff using WooCommerce:

  • WordPress site design
  • WordPress site packages
  • WordPress training
  • WordPress support
  • WordPress coaching
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • eBooks
  • Workshop tickets
  • Workshop sponsorships
  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertisements
  • Podcast sponsorships

After looking at this list, I thought it might be nice if I shared some posts I have related to selling with WooCommerce, so here you go.

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