How to Make Sure Your WooCommerce Online Store is Up and Running

It’s one of those things you dread as an online store owner.

Someone emails you to tell you that your WooCommerce checkout isn’t working.

Or—worse yet—they yell it out on Twitter for all the world to see.

And then you are more stressed wondering how long this has been going on and how many sales you lost from annoyed potential customers who said, the heck with this.

This is where Robot Ninja comes in.

Robot Ninja Keeps on Top of Your WooCommerce Site

To make sure your site is running like it should, sometimes it involves extra coding and maintenance. And testing, which can be time consuming. With Robot Ninja, all you have to do is just schedule your tests and let it do all the heavy lifting. You can also test it on staging, or use it to monitor your site. And when you do test, you can do this on real products and payments. Best of all, you will be notified by email if the tests fail.

No more waiting for a customer to tell you something is wrong.

To use Robot Ninja, you will want to add your store.

It will tell then give you the step you will need to go though.

add new store

First you add their plugin, which you can find on, and install it directly into your WordPress site. It’s really easiest to do this before you start the process.

step 1 add plugin

Because next it will ask for your store’s URL.

step 2 what is your URL

We can double check to see if we are good so far.

Now we need to authorize Robot Ninja, which is simple.

step 3 authorize robot ninja

Giving it some permission, which of course has to be done in order to run these tests, just click approve.

step 3.1 connect your store

Now we are set and can start testing.

step 4 completed and begin testing

We run our first test.

step 5 click to test store button

And depending on the size of your site, the results will show:

step 6 running test

Once it’s done, you can view the test and if anything fails, you will get an email about that  as well.

The Test Reports

I have to admit my site is not the best place to test because right now I am only using WooCommerce for affiliate products, so I don’t have any real products that can be added to the cart. As a result, my site failed several of the tests, which I expected.

my failed report

Now if I didn’t realize the problem was, I could click on the info icon by the failed report. For example, if I click on Checkout Loads, nothing can be added to a cart.

info on failed report

What is cool though is you can click on the screenshot and see what product it failed on. Of course, it would have done it to any of my products, but in most cases it will narrow it down for you.

screenshot of failure

So what if I had one product that could be added to a cart on my site and only wanted it to test that one? Under your settings, you will find in the Store tab a place where you can list product ID’s for only the products you want tested. So I added a product, put in the idea, and ran the test again. This time it passes with flying colors.

passed on roboot ninja

If you are running a WooCommerce store and you do not have someone who is constantly monitoring your site, it’s time to let Robot Ninja take over.

Remember, it’s all about peace of mind.