Keep Your WooCommerce Store Clean

Think of that retail shop. Things get cluttered. Unused supplies laying around and collecting dust. Or stuff that just doesn’t need to be there. It’s the same with your WooCommerce site. The question is, do you take your WooCommerce store as seriously as you would a physical store?

Time to Clean it Up

Have you even looked at all the stuff in your dashboard that just don’t need to be there. They may be causing your site to slow down. It my be a security risk, Of perhaps it just makes stuff harder to fine. Well, let’s take a look.

If you prefer, here is a podcast where I chat about this topic or you can continue reading on.

Lingering Product Shots

How often do you upload an image that you decide not to use? Or maybe they are images you used as placeholders when you built your site or added product pages. In any case, often we just leave them lying around in our media library. And that takes up space. Each image is saved at several sizes. You don’t need them on your server or mucking up your library when you are searching it.

Think of it this way. If you had a brick and mortar shop, would  you leave stuff you are not using languishing in your back stock room? No, I suspect you would keep that nice and clean. So when it comes to your media library, try to delete any image you decide not to use.

The key here is to mange your media and you can do that by checking out our post: How to Easily Manage Media and Content on your WooCommerce Store.

Themes that Didn’t Do the Trick

I admit, I have a problem with hosting companies that add a slew of themes to your dashboard on install. It’s convenient at first because you can bop around and try them all. But if you leave a bunch of themes hanging around in your dashboard, what happens when they become outdated? They might not crash your site, but they are silent bombs just waiting to go off. You might ignore the fact that they need to be updated, or were abandoned by the developer. In the long run this could cause a security issue with your site.

Delete any themes you aren’t using. And if you have someone else do the site for you, ask them what you need to keep.

You can always upload them again if needed. I typically keep an extra as a backup if my current theme dies on me. And typically, that will be latest default theme that comes with WordPress.

Plugins & Extensions

Inactive plugins and extensions are no different from themes and I’d follow the same course of action. Even if you think you may activate one in a month or so, still delete it. Because more often than not it will just sit.  As I said before, you can always upload it again.

Those Admin Users who Are No Longer Needed

Now I’m not talking about all the subscribers to your blog here. Or your customers. I’m talking about the people who built your site or maintain your site. I’m talking security. You may have given them access to make any necessary fixes. Or perhaps there was a theme or plugin developer who needed access to help you with an issue. You assigned these people as administrators. If they are not needed, delete them. But before you do, just in case they created any pages or posts and are assigned as authors, when you delete them, make sure to assign back to yourself.

Also, be careful, if you have a blog with guest authors. If you delete them and they still have posts on your site, those will go away as well, so you’ll need to assign them to yourself.

Always keep track of who you give access to—and when you don’t need them anymore. Most importantly, when you do give administrative access, do not give them your username and password. Create a new user name and password specifically for them.

Another option is to use a plugin that gives temporary access like this one.

In the end, even if you think you can trust them, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Odds and Ends

So there are a couple ways of going about this.

Use a plugin like WP-Optimize to get started.

Don’t forget to take care of any broken links with this plugin.

Finish things up yourself, or if you are reluctant to touch the mess, hire someone.

So clean the garbage out. It’s something you should start making a habit of— from here on in.