Keep Your WooCommerce Store Up and Running with WP Buffs

There are many reasons you will likely want someone to maintain your WooCommerce site. Someone you can call on when you need help. Someone who is on top of things when it comes to maintaining your site.

Most store owners do not want to spend their time fixing stuff on their site and doing other things they were not meant to do. It’s really that simple.

At the same time, if you build WooCommerce sites, there is a good chance you do not want to spend your time maintaining them for your clients. Some freelancers and agencies do, but it’s nice to have the option of trusting someone else to take care of those details.

WP Buffs Offers 24/7 Maintenance

The team at WP Buffs provides what you expect from a service like this.

  • Security
  • Speed Optimization
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Weekly Updates

But if you look deeper, you will see some things that provide additional value compared to what other WordPress maintenance companies offer.

Because with WP Buffs you also get:

  • 24/7 Website Edits
  • Advanced Support
  • Reporting

Now I could be like a dozen other reviewers and share screenshots of pricing, detailed features and other elements, but I would rather you visit the site yourself for those details. Instead I’m going to want to take the approach of someone who has actually had it on their WooCommerce site for four months.

Keeping Your WooCommerce Store Running

I installed their service on a site that runs WooCommerce for demo reasons only. You might consider this odd, compared to running an actual store. But since I did not have a live store during that time, I chose it because of one important reason.

My site can have up to 50 or 60 extensions/ plugins running at any given time. I am constantly adding and deactivating those. I also do test purchases on various items to see how they work. So it’s not an actual store, but has the working parts of several combined.

Let me go over a few things to give you an idea of what you can expect.


The iThemes Security plugin will be installed. It’s a powerful plugin that will help keep your site secure. And typically you set it all up for your needs and monitor your site. As you can see from this screenshot, it does a lot. And I’m sharing this screenshot for a reason.

As part of your maintenance plan, WP Buffs will set this all up to make sure you have the maximum security that you need. Although you can easily do a security check and review the logs, their team will be monitoring your site for hacks and will be right on it, responding based on the threat to your site.

In addition, you get a simple security overview in your weekly report. This frees you up to do other things you need to be doing.


Many hosts have the option for auto updating. Some have things in place to make sure that your site doesn’t go sideways when updating plugins, themes or WordPress core. Others don’t. On the other hand, you may prefer to do them yourself.

But if you choose, they will keep them all updated and make sure nothing has broken. And you will find that also included in your report.


I have said this before. You can never have too many backups. Currently on all of our sites I have two backups in place. There have been times when I’ve had three.

Well, WP Buffs has it all automated so nothing can go wrong. Your entire site is backed up to Amazon S. You can choose to have your site backed up multiple times each day. Restores are easy and if you are running something on your WooCommerce store, say a sale, and something explodes, this is priceless.

Again, you will find this in your weekly report.


You may have something in place in the event of downtimes. Still, cChances are when it happens, you might freak out a bit. If it’s a longer downtime, especially with your store, you are likely to really freak out. The team there monitors your site 24/7 and they check it 1,440 times a day. If something is really wrong, they will take action within 60 seconds.

And for your own peace of mind, it will be reported or you report will document your uptime.

Site Optimization

This is a huge one for your WooCommerce site. An optimized store translates into happier customers and higher revenue. The team will install both WP Rocket and WP Smush to fine-tune the optimization. And they will set these up for you.

Just sharing the WP Rocket dashboard gives you the similar feel of the iThemes security settings. There is a lot to set up.

Also, they will tweak your site from the beginning to make sure you are getting the most out of your optimization. They cover a laundry list when it comes to this and I would suggest you check out their site to fully understand what they offer. If there are still challenges, and they come from your host, they will migrate your site at no charge to one of the several WordPress managed hosting services they recommend. So you can choose what hosting fits your site and your budget accordingly.

Although I don’t have reports for this to share, they will give you both analytics and performance, the latter being your site speed.

WooCommerce Reports

Your weekly report will include pieces of WooCommerce data that make it nice for a 7-day wrap up. Since I do not sell on my demo site, I pulled a couple of screenshots from their site of what is included in your weekly report.

Lastly, Unlimited 24/7 Website Edits

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, dealing with some of the day- to-day details can be time-consuming and take your focus off growing your shop.

To make this easy, these are what are included in the WP Buffs unlimited website edits:

  • Edits to content on any page
  • Changing banners, headers or footers
  • Changing plugin settings
  • CSS adjustments
  • Blog content or context edits
  • Adding a new landing page
  • Formatting a landing page
  • Changing images or text
  • Adding coupon codes
  • Updating shopping carts

These are the dozens of tasks that can consume your life and take your focus off your most important job: maximizing your revenue. All you need to do is provide them with your content and what you need done and you are set.

Of course, this doesn’t include design or custom development, creating new content or building out a new site (which should be obvious).

Just think. Need a CSS adjustment? You would no longer have to go into a Facebook page and hope for the right answer.

Getting Hold of the Team

You will be able to:

  • Submit a request on the site
  • Chat live during specific hours

And if you have questions before you join, you can book a call and get them answered.

Check Out WP Buffs

As you can see, the team at WP Buffs can be a great asset to your WooCommerce site. Trust me, as someone who has talked and consulted with thousands of WordPress users, including store owners, I can assure you that it is easy to get swallowed up by and side-tracked with a lot of these tech details. With WP Buffs, you save time so you can focus on your sales, your marketing and your SEO strategies.

Check out WP Buffs’ site as they answer just about any question that you can think of that hasn’t been answered here.